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What is Snow Removal Insurance?

 Insurance for snow removal contractors covers the most common risks that go hand-in-hand with owning a snow removal business. Whether you work for commercial or residential clients, you face many risks. Anyone who has walked on ice can imagine all the things that can go wrong with trying to remove it from sidewalks and driveways. Slips n falls are the most common reason why most businesses get a Commercial General Liability Insurance, even when they aren’t worried about snow and ice!


What does Snow Removal Insurance cover?

A comprehensive Snow Removal Insurance policy will include the following:

  • Commercial General Liability: For when someone slips in an area your serviced, or your snow plow hits a car while on the job.
  • Snow Plow Liability Insurance: Your snow plow is one of your most important assets, protect it!
  • Legal Expenses: Provides coverage for legal fees when battling lawsuits.

Who needs Snow Removal Liability Insurance?

Whether you have been operating for years and wondering if you can get a cheaper policy, or just thinking about getting into the snow removal business, you face more risks than business owners in practically any other industry. The chances of property damage and slips n falls are extremely high, especially during the winter. Get a policy that may cover if something goes wrong.


How much does Snow Removal Insurance cost?

The cost of a Snow Removal Insurance policy varies according to factors such as:

  • Past History of Claims
  • Level of experience
  • Annual revenue

To get a better idea of how much your policy will cost, provide answers to these questions right here and our online platform will generate a quote for you.

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