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Retail Insurance

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What is Retail Insurance?

When you run a retail business, either in a store, online or from home, you probably interact with hundreds of cutomers and sell thousands of products a month.

With every interaction comes the risk of lawsuits from defective products or injury to customers. A comprehensive retail insurance policy protects you from legal expenses and payouts.

Retail Insurance Coverages

What does Retail Insurance cover?

Retail Insurance packages together different types of business insurance to offer comprehensive coverage.

Make sure that your policy includes any of the following coverages, depending on your retail operation:

✔ General Liability insurance

✔  Business Interruption insurance

✔  Contents and Inventory insurance

✔  Building and Equipment insurance

✔  Equipment Breakdown

✔  Commercial Vehicle Insurance

✔  Cyber security insurance

Retail Insurance Requirements

Who needs Retail Insurance?

Here are the most popular businesses that require retail insurance:

  • Bakery
  • Bicycle shop
  • Bookstore
  • Brake shop
  • Car dealership
  • Car leasing shop
  • Clothing store
  • Coin dealer
  • Computer shop
  • Concession shop
  • Convenience store
  • Dealer, antiques
  • Delicatessen
  • Drugstore
  • Gift shop
  • Grocery store
  • Hardware store
  • Jewellery store
  • Liquor store
  • Photo studio
  • Metal dealer
  • Muffler shop
  • Paint store
  • Parking garage
  • Pawnbroker
  • Pet store
  • Pharmacy
Retail Insurance Costs

What is the cost of Retail Insurance?

The cost of owning retail insurance will depend on a number of factors including your gross revenue, years of experience and financials.

The limits available for claims with your policy will depend on the insurance carrier you end up purchasing from.

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Common scenarios where Retail Insurance is useful

pet store insurance

A client visits a pet store where they have a water dispenser for dogs. The floor is wet and the client slips and falls, injuring a leg.

defective product insurance

A retail store sells plug-in air heaters for the winter. A client buys a defective heater and the cable melts causing a minor fire in the livingroom.

Cyber Breach

You sell baby clothes online and after a year of operation you notice that someone has been accessing your client data and posting it on a Russian hacker website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Retail Insurance

Is employee theft covered under Crime Insurance?2019-06-10T15:56:27-04:00

Yes, Crime Insurance is a coverage that may protect your business from employee theft including stolen cash and credit card forgery as well as loss of money and securities inside and outside of the premises. Regular theft is included under the property portion of a policy.

Does General Liability Insurance protect my inventory and stock?2019-06-10T11:29:54-04:00

No, General Liability Insurance is a coverage designed to protect you from the consequences that result from bodily injuries and property damages to third-parties. Damage to your own property is not covered by General Liability Insurance. If you wish to protect your own stock and inventory from damages, add commercial property coverage to your insurance policy.

Can I have my landlord listed as additional insured?2019-06-07T17:34:00-04:00

Yes, this is a very standard requirement. Please provide us with the legal name and mailing address and we can have this added to your formal policy documents.

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