Florist Insurance

Florist Insurance

Florist insurance is a critical part of your small business’s risk management strategy to protect you from third-party liability risks and unexpected events.

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Insurance for florists and flower shops

The beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements you design and sell to your customers can provide comfort, evoke joy and gratitude, and transform the atmosphere of an indoor or outdoor living environment.

You know better than anyone running a flower shop successfully means striking the right balance between delighting your customers and caring for your inventory. The floristry profession includes flower care and handling, flower arrangements, floral design, as well as merchandising and flower delivery. Flowers insurance or insurance for florists is necessary to protect you from liability risks, lawsuits, and unexpected events, such as a flood or fire. It provides peace of mind so you can concentrate on growing your business and pleasing your customers.

Florist insurance is a customized policy that protects flower shop owners from the insurable risks that their business may face. From minor accidents to customer injuries to damaged inventory, floral shop insurance is essential for protecting your reputation, financial welfare, and assets and inventory.

Many flower shops may start out with a business owner’s policy (BOP), which is a policy package including several types of coverage at a discounted rate. A BOP typically includes:

  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: Perhaps the best-known type of business insurance, CGL protects your business and finances from a third-party bodily injury or property damage lawsuit if a customer sues you. Commonly called ‘slip-and-fall’ insurance, CGL pays for your legal defence if you are sued, the financial outcome of a lawsuit, and an injured person’s medical expenses. It also pays for damages to a third-party’s property that may be caused by the products you sell or your shop’s operations. In essence, CGL allows you to carry on with your daily business while dealing with a real or fraudulent legal claim of negligence or wrongdoing.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: If you have a physical storefront housed in a property that you own, you need commercial property insurance. This type of coverage provides you with financial support for insured risks that you cannot control, like a fire, flood, or theft. In addition to protecting the property, it also covers any contents inside your shop such as computers, furniture, flower coolers, and your inventory.
    • Furthermore, you may want to add business interruption coverage to your commercial property policy. Business interruption insurance does not provide coverage for any income you lose because of a pandemic, epidemic, or government-mandated closure, but it will cover you for the income you lose following an insured event. For example, if your shop is flooded and must remain closed while repairs are underway, business interruption coverage will reimburse you for your losses.

For a more comprehensive florist public liability insurance policy, you may wish to include additional coverages, including:

  • Product Liability Insurance: This type of coverage protects you from allegations of third-party bodily injury or property damage caused by any product you manufacture, distribute, or sell. It may or may not be included in a CGL policy, so check with a licensed broker to find out if you need to add it to your insurance. Product liability coverage is vital for any small business selling goods both online and at a physical storefront.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: If you use a van to deliver your floral arrangements to your customers, you need a commercial auto policy to protect your drivers and vehicles. Most personal car insurance policies do not cover the cost of damages or injuries incurred because of an accident when using a vehicle for business purposes. If you have five or more vehicles for your business, you may require a commercial fleet insurance policy.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: Flowers are of the earth, but a lot of people buy them online. It’s your legal responsibility to protect your customers’ personal and financial data if you’re selling your arrangements through your website or a third-party marketplace like Amazon, Wayfair, or Etsy. Cyber liability coverage protects you from the costs related to a data breach or if you’re a victim of cybercrime.
  • Commercial Crime Insurance: This coverage protects you from fraud, forgery, and theft by an employee. Essentially, it offers protection from losses because of burglary, robbery, or theft, and liabilities or losses arising from an employee’s fraudulent acts.
  • Tenant Legal Liability Insurance: If you lease or rent a commercial property for your flower shop, consider tenant legal liability insurance. It covers you for a business property you do not own from third-party lawsuits for bodily injury and property damage, as well as any loss or damage to the property you lease or rent.

The annual premium for flower shop insurance depends on a multitude of factors, and the price differs by insurer, the coverage you choose, and liabilities you face.

For example, a commercial general liability policy with $1 million worth of coverage may start at $750 per year.

Other factors that influence the cost of a policy includes:

  • Where you are located
  • How many employees you have
  • Your years of experience
  • Your annual and projected revenue
  • The types of products and services you provide
  • Whether or not you have vehicles to insure for business purposes
  • Previous insurance claims you have made

Completing our online application form will allow us to determine your exact premium to pay based on the factors above.

Any small business owner running a flower shop and their employees need to protect themselves from the risk of third-party lawsuits. That includes retail florists, horticulturalists, freelance florists, floristry shop managers, floristry apprentices, and floral designers.

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Common claims scenarios

pink roses

Problem: You have a pail full of water and long stem pink roses for sale sitting on the floor near the cash register desk. A customer visiting your shop accidentally knocks it over, spilling the water on the floor. They step back from the desk surprised but slip and fall and are injured. They decide to sue you for third-party bodily injury.

Outcome: Your commercial general liability insurance may cover the customer’s medical expenses, your fees to defend yourself in court, as well as any court-ordered settlement.

flower delivery van

Problem: While driving your flower shop’s delivery van, an employee gets into a collision with another vehicle that causes damages to your van and the other motorist’s car. Your employee is deemed to be at fault for the accident.

Outcome: Your commercial auto insurance policy will pay to fix the other motorist’s vehicle. If you have optional collision coverage as part of your policy, it may pay for the damages to your delivery van.

woman holding bouquet of flowers

Problem: A bouquet delivered to a customer contains wire in it that an employee forgot to remove from the arrangement. The customer cuts their hand on the wire after opening the bouquet and requires stitches. You are subsequently sued for bodily injury damages.

Outcome: Your product liability insurance may cover the cost of the customer’s medical expenses and your legal expenses.

Frequently asked questions

If I’m leasing a commercial space for my flower shop and it is broken into overnight and ransacked by an unknown burglar, am I covered?

Yes. For damages to your contents such as your inventory or if your computer or laptop is stolen, your tenant legal liability insurance may pay to repair or replace your damaged or stolen contents including your inventory. It may also pay for any damages to the property caused by the burglar.

Does florist insurance cover accidents that occur at another location such as a banquet hall?

Yes. For example, suppose you’re creating a flower wall for a wedding that’s to be held at a banquet hall. While you’re working on it, a ladder you use tips over and lands on a nearby table with champagne glasses, smashing the glasses to pieces. If you are sued by the banquet hall owner for damages, your policy may pay for the third-party property damages.

If a fire damages my flower shop and I am forced to close, will my policy cover my losses?

Yes. Your commercial property insurance may pay for the damages caused by the fire to both the building and your contents and inventory. If you have business interruption coverage as part of your policy, it may pay for any income you lose while your shop is closed and under repair.

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