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Having Gym Insurance for your gym is a must for Canadian fitness professionals.

If a client is unsatisfied or injured, they could file a lawsuit against your business alleging malpractice or negligence.

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What is Insurance for Gyms?

As a gym owner, you interact with lots of clients on a physical level, and you maybe sell products or supplements that may have adverse consequences. Thanks to your training services, clients look and feel their best, but you’re also exposed to liability in case of real or alleged errors, malpractice, or injury.

Gym Insurance should be a critical consideration for any fitness or training facility.

Gym Insurance Coverage

What Does Insurance for a Gym Cover?

This insurance covers most types of training facilities. When getting a policy check that you have coverage for:

Gym Insurance Requirements

Who needs Gym Insurance?

If you are a gym owner or if you run any training facility, you should consider gym insurance.

Some specific practitioners and businesses we cover are:

Gym Insurance Costs

What is the Cost of Gym Insurance?

The cost of a policy varies according to factors such as:

  • Operation size
  • Location
  • Experience in the field
  • Past insurance claims
  • Training and education

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Common scenarios where Gym Insurance is useful:

Assault charged trainer

Following a personal training session, a client files a claim against their trainer, accusing them of sexual abuse.

Fitness trainer caused weight accident

During a strength training session, the client insists that they can perform one more repetition of bench press despite their trainer’s warning and ends up injuring their wrist.

Kettlebell accident

A kettlebell handle snaps while a client is using it in a studio, resulting in a severe injury. The client sues the training studio for carrying unsafe equipment.

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