Nurse Malpractice Insurance

If you are a a Nurse, Registered Nurse or RN, Nurse Malpractice Insurance or Nurse Liability Insurance is necessary to protect you from claims of injury to patients due to alleged negligence or injury.

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Consultant Insurance

What is Nurse Malpractice Insurance?

It is a type of professional liability insurance that protects Nurses, Registered Nurses and RNs against alleged negligence that leads to patient injuries.

What does Consultant Insurance cover?

What does Nurse Malpractice Liability Insurance cover?

These are the common types of negligence claims that are covered:
  1. Failure to attend a patient
  2. Failures in diagnosis
  3. Failures in referral or consultation
  4. Failure to protect or warn third parties
  5. Substandard treatment
What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

What are the different types of Nurse Liability Insurance?

  1. Claims-made insurance
  2. Occurrence policies
  3. Claims-paid policies
  4. Errors and omissions
What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

How much does Nurse Malpractice Insurance cost?

The nurse liability insurance costs will vary depending on many factors. Some types of  nurses are more likely to face claims than others. Here are some factors taken into account:
  • Years of experience
  • Location
  • Past Claims

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