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What is Optician Insurance?

As an optician you are required to carry insurance via the college. In this day and age of increased competition for the optical business savings need to be found wherever possible. Our Zensurance Optician insurance policy is college approved comprehensive and saves you money every year! We understand that opticians are extremely well trained and relabile individuals so we have created an insurance policy that reflects that dedication and saves you money .

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As an optician your craft directly effects peoples day to day life. An error on your party can cause a lawsuit like:

  • You send a client home with the wrong glasses and they get in a car accident
  • A prescription is misread and you make the wrong glasses
  • Accidentally you make bifocal glasses instead of trifocals glasses

Due to the nature of your day to operations working with people’s eyes you can be exposed to hurting a very important sense. Also an accident can occur because people are moving around without sight

  • You are placing glasses on someones face and poke their eye causing damage
  • A client walks in to a mirror by accident.
  • A display case door falls off hurting a client

Contents Coverage

Due the expensive nature of the equipment and stock regarding an optician office contents insurance can be crucial.

  • A roof leaks causing  water damage on the equipment
  • A small fire causes extreme smoke damage and ruins all the lenses
  • A car drives into the building damage an entire display case

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Common claims scenarios

Eye prescription

You accidentally make the wrong prescription and the client gets in a car accident on the way home

Eye patient

You accidentally injure a clients eye while trying on a frame

Optical Clinic

The roof collapses from a heavy rain storm destroying all your frames.

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