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Why Small Businesses in Barrie Need Insurance

The Southern Ontario city of Barrie features a diversified economy with prominent small businesses in various industries, including education, healthcare, financial services, tourism, recreation, agriculture, construction, information technology, retail, and manufacturing.

With a population of 212,667 residents and more than 900 small business members in the city’s Chamber of Commerce, this Simcoe County city located on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay is a thriving community employing two-thirds of its residents.

As in any community, small business owners and self-employed professionals like you need to safeguard your assets and reputation with a comprehensive business insurance policy from Zensurance. Let us help you mitigate the risks you face so you can focus on growing your business.

What does it cover?

In general, a comprehensive business insurance policy includes the following types of coverages:

General liability insurance covers third-party bodily injury and property damage claims that happen due to your business’s daily activities, including negligence and accidents. Most CGL policies include product liability insurance for any product you manufacture, distribute, or sell. If your policy doesn’t, you can add it as an endorsement.

Commercial property insurance protects your office, retail space, or warehouse from damage and loss associated with fires, water damage, natural disasters, theft, and vandalism. In addition to your building, it also protects your business contents (computers, furniture, tenant improvements) and inventory. Furthermore, commercial property insurance may include business interruption coverage. It’s designed to pay your overhead operating costs if forced to close your business for repairs following an insurable loss.

Professional liability insurance, also called errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, covers your professional services if facing client claims alleging negligence, misconduct, or failing to deliver a service as promised. You need it if you provide advice or services to your clients or develop products for them. This insurance also covers your media and advertising if one of your clients is sued for defamation.

Protecting your data and customers’ confidential data from cybercrime is a never-ending struggle. Cyber liability insurance helps cover your costs if your business suffers a cyber-attack or because a data breach exposes any mission-critical data or your customers’ private and financial information.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance: If you have one or more vehicles you use for business purposes, you need commercial auto coverage. Most private-passenger car insurance policies won’t cover a vehicle that’s used for work. A basic commercial auto policy features the same types of coverage that a private car insurance policy does, but a commercial auto policy typically provides higher coverage limits.
  • Tools and Equipment Insurance: A form of property coverage, tools and equipment insurance pays for repairing or replacing the transportable tools and equipment you use to do your job if lost, stolen, or damaged because of vandalism, a fire, or a flood.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance: The machinery and appliances you have at your business can malfunction because of an internal mechanical issue or an electrical surge. Equipment breakdown insurance exists to pay to repair or replace that equipment or systems should it happen to you. From refrigerators and freezers to HVAC equipment and computers, a wide range of businesses should include equipment breakdown coverage in their policies.
  • Legal Expense Insurance: Legal expense insurance pays for several common business legal challenges you may encounter, and it’s much cheaper than hiring and retaining an experienced lawyer. It covers your legal fees to challenge a tax audit by the Canada Revenue Agency, for employment disputes, debt recovery, and statutory licence protection.

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost in Barrie?

For a small business in Barrie, the cost for insurance typically starts at $450 per year on a basic commercial general liability policy with a $2M limit.

Insurance providers determine the cost of a business insurance policy by considering several factors, including:

  • Your business’s location
  • The services and goods you provide and your industry
  • How many employees you have (if applicable)
  • The type and value of the equipment you have
  • Your years of experience
  • Your annual and projected revenue

Common claims scenarios

Examples of how a business insurance policy from Zensurance provides you with financial support include:

  • A software developer in downtown Barrie builds a customer database for a client that fails to meet expectations and negatively impacts their operations.
  • A restaurant owner in Horseshoe Valley facing a class-action third-party bodily injury lawsuit after several customers allege they suffered food poisoning.
  • A general contractor in Letitia Heights whose thousands of dollars worth of tools are stolen from a secured job site.
  • A retail shop owner in Bayfield falls prey to an email phishing attack that results in all of their past and present customers’ names and financial data being stolen.

Talk to one of our licensed insurance brokers about the types of coverage your business should have to protect your assets and reputation.

Frequently asked questions

If my business requires travel outside of Barrie, will my insurance cover it?

Yes. Your business insurance policy from Zensurance protects you online and offline whether you’re working in Barrie or if you travel to another city or province.

Do you have a local office in Barrie?

Zensurance is a fully digital small business insurance brokerage, everything from quote to purchase is done online. However, you can speak to a licensed broker or live chat with one of our insurance experts whenever you need assistance with your policy or have general questions about insurance.

How much coverage do I need for my business in Barrie?

The insurance policy you purchase contains various coverage limits based on your business’s or profession’s specific needs and risk profile. For example, some industries, like construction, face more significant risks than others. Talk to one of our brokers and get their advice on what level of coverage your policy requires.

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