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Personal Trainer Insurance

Having Personal Trainer Insurance is a must for Canadian professionals who provide training for individuals.

If a client is unsatisfied or hurt they could file a lawsuit alleging malpractice or negligence.

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Insurance for Personal Trainers

What is Insurance for Personal Trainers?

As a personal instructor or personal trainer you interact with lots of clients on a physical level and you maybe sell products or supplements that may have adverse consequences. Thanks to your  training services, clients look and feel their best, but you’re also exposed to liability in case of real or alleged errors, malpractice or injury.

An Insurance for Personal Trainers should be an important consideration for any person providing this service.

What Does Insurance for Personal Trainers Cover?

This insurance covers most types of personal trainers or personal instructors. When getting a policy check that you have coverage for:

  • Professional Liability (Negligence or errors)
  • Unintentional Breach of Confidentiality
  • Claims of Sexual Harassment or Abuse
  • Products Liability including Gym Supplements

Who needs Personal Trainer Insurance?

If you are a trainer or instructor or if you provide any sort of guidance  you should consider this type of insurance.

Some specific practitioners and businesses we cover are:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Personal Instructors
  • Personal Fitness Trainers
  • Personal Zumba Instructor
  • Personal Sports Trainers
  • Personal Pilates Trainers
  • Personal Yoga Instructors
  • Many more…

What is the Cost of Personal Trainer Insurance?

The cost of a policy varies according to factors such as:

  • Operation size
  • Location
  • Experience in the field
  • Past insurance claims
  • Training and education

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Common scenarios where Personal Trainer Insurance is useful:

Personal Trainer Insurance Canada Scenario
After personal training lessons to enhance fitness, the client files a claim against her personal trainer, accusing him of sexual abuse.
Personal Trainer Insurance Ontario
During a strength training session, the client insists that he can perform one more repetition of bench press despite his trainer’s warning, and ends up injuring his wrist.
Personal Trainer Insurance Toronto
A kettlebell handle snaps while a client is using it in a studio, injuring the client severely. The client then sues the training studio for carrying unsafe equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Personal Trainer Insurance

What kind of claims do fitness professionals experience?2019-06-03T14:07:34-04:00

Most fitness claims involve tripping over equipment. Another common cause is clients pushing themselves past their limit, believing they can do one more bench press or try new exercises without proper training after watching Youtube and Instagram videos. If you have come across these problems while working with fitness clients, you can quickly find yourself needing a fitness insurance policy.

What are the common restrictions of a fitness insurance policy?2019-06-04T15:20:44-04:00

The fitness industry is full of different techniques and different categories. It is important to know what types of clients you can and cannot train. Some common exclusions include professional athletes, minors and certain types of exercises that usually include aerial or aquatic components. Discuss thoroughly with your broker what your fitness insurance policy does not include.

Can someone file a fitness insurance claim against me after years?2019-06-04T15:54:48-04:00

Bodily injury to your sports and fitness clients can be troublesome even if a claim is not made immediately, because they are allowed to make claims up to two years from the reported date of injury. This means you can be faced with a lawsuit related to a fitness claim years after going out of business or changing your profession. 

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