Health & Wellness Business Insurance

Health & Wellness Business Insurance

No matter the size of your practice, all health and wellness professionals should have coverage.
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What is Health & Wellness Business Insurance?

Insurance for health and wellness professionals (Health and Wellness Business Insurance) is a policy package designed to protect against the specific risks associated with operating a business in the health and well industry, such as client injuries and alleged misconduct.

Health & Wellness Business Insurance should be an important consideration for any practitioner, studio or clinic.

What does Consultant Insurance cover?

What does Health & Wellness Business Insurance cover?

The most common policy types for health and wellness professionals are:

What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

Who needs Health & Wellness Business Insurance?

If you are a offer health and wellness services or operate business, it is important to protect yourself with Health and Wellness Business Insurance.

Some of our clients include:

What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

What is the cost of Health & Wellness Business Insurance?

For a small- to medium-sized, low-risk health and wellness business, you can anticipate spending $450.00 annually on a basic CGL policy with a $2M limit.

When you fill out our online application, we will ask some questions about your business to better understand your needs. The following factors are taken into consideration when identifying the best policy options for your business:

  • Years of Experience
  • Services Offered
  • Annual and Projected Gross Revenue
  • Number of Employees
  • Previous Insurance Claims
  • Training and Education

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Common scenarios where Health and Wellness Insurance is useful

Patient in hospital bed

Problem: You fail to properly steralize a needle during an acupuncture session and your client develops an infection.

Outcome: Your client successfully sues you for malpractice. Your Professional Liability Insurance covers the medical expenses and legal fees, totaling $59,000. 

Prescription medication on leaf
Problem: A patient has a severe allergic reaction to a homeopathic supplement you sold them.
Outcome: The patient successfully sues you for bodily injury. Your Product Liability Insurance covers the medical fees and monetary payout, totaling $23,000.
Nurse helping patient
Problem: A PSW you employ is accused of failing to provide proper care.
Outcome: Your client successfully sues you for negligence. Your Professional Liability Insurance covers the legal fees, totaling $83,000.

Frequently Asked Questions about Health and Wellness Business Insurance

Does Home Insurance cover instructors who conducts health and fitness lessons at their home?

No, if you conduct fitness lessons or treatment sessions at your home, any damages resulting from your commercial activities will not be covered by your Home Insurance. It is highly recommended that you purchase General Liability Insurance at the least to cover the most common risks in your profession, which are damages to a third-party (mostly your clients). If you want to protect your own property from damages, talk to your broker about adding Commercial Property Insurance to your policy.

Do Health and Wellness practitioners need Malpractice Insurance or Professional Liability Insurance?

Malpractice Insurance is a type of Professional Liability Insurance that applies to health practitioners. Due to the nature of your work, your treatment or advice to a client may lead to bodily injuries, in which case, the client will usually file a malpractice lawsuit against you, accusing you of negligence in your professional service. Malpractice related lawsuits are more common in the health and wellness industry than most other service-based industries.

Are fitness instructors covered by the Health and Wellness Insurance policy of the gym or studio that they are conducting sessions in?

Health and Wellness Insurance provides coverage for employees of a business, but independent instructors who are simply renting space are not covered by the facility’s insurance policy. If you are an independent instructor, you may consider purchasing General Liability Insurance to protect yourself from being held liable for injuries or property damage that may happen during your lessons.

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