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Consultant Insurance

What is Optometrist Insurance?

As a regulated profession and highly trained doctor you are required by your governing college to hold professional liability insurance. To provide funds the public in the unlikely event that you cause bodily injury to a patient. However at Zensurance we understand that your extensive training and rigorous education allows optometrist insurance to available outside an association saving you thousands in dues and fee’s.

What does Consultant Insurance cover?

Professional Liability Insurance

Covers lawsuits stemming from the following claims

  • You inaccurately enter a patients subscription causing them to get the wrong prescription which leads to a car accident
  • During an exam you damage a patients eye
  • You miss a sign of glaucoma
What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

General Liability Insurance

This covers accidents in and out of the exam chair

  • A client hits their head on the Phoropter causing a concussion
  • During an exam a client sneezes you damage their retina
  • A child climbing into the chair slips and bangs their mouth
  • An elderly patient slips in the waiting room causing them break a bone
What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

Contents Coverage

Your equipment is very expensive, along with your stock and your tools

  • Your neighbour has a fire and the smoke damages all of your equipment
  • The building you lease has a water pipe burst causing you to have to re-locate for 3 months
  • A car accidentally drives into your building causing structural damage

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Common scenarios where Optometrist Insurance is useful:

Commercial Insurance Canada Scenario

A client does not disclose prevailing symptoms causing you to miss a serious disease

Commercial Insurance for Contractors

While getting into the exam chair a client falls and hurts themselves from the fall.

Commercial Insurance for Restaurants

Your equipment gets destroyed by a the fire dept. putting out a fire in the building you work in

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