Entertainment Insurance

Entertainment Insurance

Entertainment insurance provides financial protection for businesses in the entertainment industry, allowing them to focus on hosting a fun environment that helps their businesses thrive.

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Insurance for entertainment businesses

The entertainment industry provides something fun for everyone. Whether you own an arcade, a pool hall or a music venue, you know that your customers come to your business for a great time – it might even be the highlight of their week!

While the average customer wouldn’t think about something going wrong in your establishment, frequently, entertainment venues have a lot of risks. Patrons often have access to some expensive and potentially dangerous equipment. For example, bowling balls, axes, and billiard balls can hurt someone if misused. Additionally, lighting, sound equipment and machinery could cause financial ruin should something be damaged without the proper coverage. 

We know there’s plenty to safeguard when you’re the one hosting. At Zensurance, we’re making it our mission to make commercial insurance as accessible as possible. Learn how you can protect yourself and your business with entertainment insurance.

What is entertainment insurance?

Entertainment insurance is a liability insurance policy package designed to protect the risks of businesses within the entertainment industry. Businesses and professional entertainers can be financially covered against incidents of injury or damage to a third party or their property and accusations of professional neglect. 

We’ve insured more than 1,000 entertainment businesses. Some of our clients include:

  • Actors
  • Arcades
  • Axe throwing
  • Bowling alleys
  • Entertainment performers
  • Escape rooms
  • Film production
  • Sports entertainment
  • Performing arts professionals
  • VR gaming centres
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What does it cover?

An entertainment insurance policy will typically include the following coverages:

  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: This policy helps to protect your entertainment venue against claims or lawsuits such as third-party bodily injury (like a slip-and-fall), third-party property damage, false advertising, and libel or slander. For example, say you own an escape room business, and a customer trips over a loose misplaced item within the escape room. Your CGL policy may cover the medical and legal expenses if the customer is injured and sues your business.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Commercial property insurance allows you to protect your business’s location and the equipment you own or rent from an insured peril, such as a fire or theft. For instance, say you own a music venue. After a live performance, it’s evident that your expensive lighting equipment has been stolen from the set even though security was present. In this case, commercial property insurance may cover the cost to replace the https://www.zensurance.com/stolen equipment.
  • Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance: This insurance policy offers protection against actual or alleged negligence, professional errors or omissions, or a failure to deliver a service as promised. For example, say you’re a variety performer contracted to provide entertainment services for an event. You accidentally overslept and missed your performance time.  As a result, the client sues your business for negligence. E&O insurance may cover your legal fees and other related costs.

How much does it cost?

Due to the variety of businesses that operate within the entertainment industry, it isn’t possible to provide an accurate figure without more information about your business. 

Here are some of the factors that are taken into consideration:

  • Annual revenue
  • Value of assets
  • Number of employees
  • Location
  • Previous claims

To get your custom quote, start your application by answering a few specific questions about your business that will help us understand the coverage you need.

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Common claims scenarios

Frequently asked questions

What are the most common risks for which an entertainment business requires insurance?

Third-party bodily injury and business-owned property damage are likely the most common risks. That means it’s important to have CGL (Commercial General Liability) insurance and commercial property damage insurance.  Entertainment businesses (bowling alleys, billiards clubs, arcades) own a lot of expensive machines and equipment that are central to business operations. These assets are often used directly by customers, and they can be damaged through use and misuse. Additionally, the activities mean there’s a risk of injury to third parties on the entertainment business’ premises.

Is general liability insurance enough for my entertainment business?

General liability insurance on its own is insufficient to cover your business for many common claims. General liability insurance provides coverage for third-party injuries and property damage, so your entertainment business may be protected when injuries happen on your premises, or third-party property is damaged at your place of business. However, your property will not be covered. To protect your contents and equipment, you must add commercial property insurance to your insurance policy as well.

Does commercial property insurance cover employee theft?

No, employee theft is covered under crime insurance coverage. Although commercial property insurance may protect businesses from property damage by third parties, it does not cover stolen money or securities. About one in three Canadian companies are concerned about employee theft. To protect your business from theft of money and securities, forgery, and computer fraud, by a third party, add crime insurance to your policy.

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