Entertainment Insurance

Entertainment Insurance

Entertainment Insurance is an important coverage that protects businesses in the entertainment industry against real risks, so they can focus on creating a fun environment that helps their business thrive

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What is Entertainment Insurance?

Professionals in the entertainment industry face many risks, most common of those being injuries or damage to property belonging to a third party. The costs of a claim can potentially cripple an entertainment business.

What does Entertainment Insurance cover?

It covers costly risks that entertainment businesses are most likely to face:
  • Injuries to customers
  • Property damage to customers
  • Damage to the business’s assets

Who needs Entertainment Insurance?

All sorts of entertainment businesses should protect themselves, including:
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Arcades
  • Escape Rooms

What is the cost of Entertainment Insurance?

For most entertainment industry professionals, it is important to know how much a policy costs before they can make a decision. There is no standard pricing because the cost varies depending on a few different factors, such as revenue, value of assets, and number of employees.

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Common scenarios where Entertainment Insurance is useful

Bowling alley
A customer suffers a wrist injury in a bowling alley and sues the bowling alley owner, claiming that the bowling balls were not safe to use.
Billiards Table
A customer spills his drink on a billiard table, damaging the table, and now it must be replaced with a new one.
Escape room
An employee is injured while resetting an escape room, that contains several dangerous pieces of equipment, to its default state.

Frequently Asked Questions about Entertainment Insurance

What are the most common risks for which an entertainment business requires insurance?

Entertainment businesses (bowling alleys, billiards clubs, arcades) own a lot of expensive machines and equipment that are central to business operations. These assets are also likely to be damaged through use and misuse. It is highly recommended that all assets are insured with commercial property coverage. There is also a high risk of injury to third parties on the entertainment business’ premises, so it is also recommended that entertainment businesses add General Liability Insurance to their insurance policy.

Is General Liability Insurance enough for my entertainment business?

It is highly recommended that you add Commercial Property Insurance to your policy as well. General Liability Insurance provides coverage for third-party injuries and property damage, so your entertainment business may be protected when injuries happen on your premises or third party property is damaged at your place of business. However, your own property will not be covered. To protect your contents and equipment, you must add Commercial Property Insurance to your insurance policy as well.

Does Commercial Property Insurance cover employee theft?

No, employee theft is covered under Crime Insurance coverage. Although Commercial Property Insurance may protect businesses from property damage by third-parties, it does not cover stolen money or securities. About 1 in 3 Canadian companies are concerned about employee theft. To protect your business from theft of money and securities, forgery, and computer fraud, by a third party, add Crime Insurance to your insurance policy.

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