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Whether you’re new to the industry or have owned a food truck for years, insurance is a must-have to protect you from the business-related risks you could face. Even the most vigilant, health-and-safety-focused food vendors can be held liable for such things as damage to a third party’s property or an allergic reaction claim due to a mislabeled ingredient.

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Food truck insurance is a policy package designed to protect businesses against the specific liabilities of serving food and drink and the insurable risks of operating a food truck.

Food truck insurance combines several coverages to provide comprehensive protection for your business. Typically, food truck business insurance will include the following coverages:

  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: CGL protects you from the day-to-day risks of running a business if you’re liable for a third party’s bodily injury or property damage. For example, a customer banged their head on your serving hatch and needed stitches. Your CGL policy could cover the cost of their medical bills.
    • Product Liability Insurance: Product liability coverage can be included in a CGL policy. This coverage protects you against allegations of property damage or bodily injury caused by a product you manufacture, distribute, or sell – this includes the food and drinks you serve. For example, if a customer complains of food poisoning after eating your food, their medical costs and your legal fees could be covered by product liability insurance.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Commercial property insurance provides financial protection for your business premises and its assets from insured risks that occur beyond your control – for example, a fire, theft, and specific severe weather events. For example, say your food truck is caught in a windstorm, and its exterior is damaged by flying debris. Commercial property insurance could cover the costs of repairing the damage.
    • Business Interruption Insurance: Commercial property insurance often includes business interruption coverage. This coverage provides financial reimbursement for lost income after an insured event. Say the windstorm example from above caused your food truck to need to be sent for repairs for a week, meaning you’ve lost a weeks’ worth of income. Business interruption insurance could cover the estimated lost revenue. Be advised business interruption coverage doesn’t cover the income lost due to a pandemic, infectious disease, or government-mandated closures.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance: As a food truck owner, you use professional equipment such as commercial appliances. Equipment breakdown insurance can cover the costs of repairing or replacing broken-down professional equipment or equipment that’s damaged due to mechanical failure or electrical issues. This policy can also provide financial coverage for the lost revenue and food spoilage directly related to the breakdown. Suppose you’re an ice cream vendor, and your commercial freezer breaks down on a hot day – equipment breakdown insurance could cover the repair costs and the estimated lost revenue.
  • Legal Expense Insurance: Legal expense insurance provides financial coverage to offset the costs of hiring a lawyer for events where legal support isn’t typically covered by other policies (e.g. property protection, bodily injury to yourself or an employee). This coverage provides access to legal advice and the financial support to retain a lawyer if needed.
  • Event Liability Insurance: Mobile food truck operators should include event liability insurance in their policies to cover third-party bodily injuries and third-party property damages that may arise due to their actions at public festivals, fairs, farmers’ markets, private catering and pop-up events. For example, if one of your customers is scalded by hot food you prepared and requires medical attention, you can be liable to pay their medical expenses. Event liability insurance is designed to cover those costs.

Food truck insurance can cost anywhere from $500-$1,000 per year with a commercial general liability policy with a limit of $2 million.

When determining policy options that are right for your business, you can expect the following factors to be taken into consideration:

  • Years of experience
  • Locations served
  • The type of vehicle or vehicles you have
  • Annual and projected gross revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Previous insurance claims

Every business is unique, so there’s no set cost for every food truck insurance policy.  Get your custom quote by filling out our online application.

Yes, if you serve or sell food or drink, it’s imperative to protect your business with a tailored insurance policy.  Zensurance can provide coverage for many different food businesses, such as:

  • Food vendors
  • Food truck owners
  • Drink stall vendors
  • Ice cream van owners
  • Hot dog stand owners

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Common claims scenarios

Food poisoning

Problem: After eating at your food truck, a customer ends up in hospital with severe food poisoning and blames it on your food.

Outcome: Your product liability insurance covers the medical bills and legal expenses, totalling $15,000.

Problem: Your food truck was vandalized, causing you to temporarily shut down for repairs to the truck’s windows and exterior.

Outcome: Your business interruption insurance covers the income lost during the time it takes to repair your truck, totalling $9,000.

food truck owner

Problem: One of your commercial ovens suffers a mechanical breakdown, requiring repair.

Outcome: Your equipment breakdown insurance covers the cost to repair the oven, totalling $5,000.

Frequently asked questions

Does my food truck insurance policy cover me if I want to sell alcohol?

If you intend to sell alcoholic beverages from your food truck, you need to include liquor liability insurance to your overall policy. It covers the costs associated with claims alleging third-party bodily injury or property damage due to the actions of an intoxicated customer.

If one of my customers sues me claiming they suffered food poisoning after eating food they purchased from my food truck, am I covered?

Yes. The product liability portion of your food truck insurance policy covers you for claims or lawsuits related to the food you sell to your customers.

Does a food truck insurance policy cover both my vehicle and its contents?

It depends on the coverages you choose to include in your food truck insurance policy. For instance, if you have commercial auto coverage and equipment breakdown coverage as part of your policy, then the vehicle and the kitchen appliances inside are both protected.

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