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Pharmacist Insurance is a requirement for the heavily regulated pharmacist profession. Why pay additional fees for insurance. Buy your pharmacist liability insurance directly without going through another organization to purchase insurance.

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What is Pharmacist Insurance?

As a pharmacist your exposure to lawsuits are vastly outside your control. From doctors misdiagnosing patients, to the increase in natural medicine and the general public not adhering to your professional advice you can easily find yourself in legal proceedings. Our pharmacist professional liability insurance (also known as pharmacist indemnity insurance) policy and pharmacy business insurance policy defends you from that negligence, especially if you are worried about pharmacy liability insurance cost.

Professional Liability Insurance

This covers you from negligence caused by your administration of pharmaceuticals:

  • A client purposefully ignores your advice to cause self harm
  • The doctor misses a zero on the prescription causing you to over prescribe
  • One of your patients starts heavily taking natural medicine causing severe side effects

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Another large area of risk for pharmacists is simple human errors in the production the products you sell.

  • The manufacturer of a pill makes a mistake and causing serious undisclosed side effect
  • You sell a heating pad that is defective and causes a fire
  • A picture falls off the wall in the waiting room hitting a patient waiting on the head,
  • The label company has a printing error it omits an warning for a product you sell

Contents Coverage Insurance

One major concern about pharmacy’s with regards to physical damage is the value of stock and equipment

  • The refrigeration unit breaks over a long weekend causing you to lose product
  • A break in happens causing you to lose expensive products
  • During a winter storm a car smashes into your building
  • The building you are located suffers a fire and the smoke damages all your product

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Common scenarios where Pharmacist Insurance is useful:

Prescription instructions on bottle

A client misunderstands your instructions and overdoses .

Prescription pills

You fulfill dozens of prescriptions of defective product


A fire causes severe smoking your entire inventory to be destroyed.

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