Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance

Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance

If you are a chiropractor, Malpractice Insurance (Professional Liability) is critical coverage to protect you from injury claims by patients due to alleged negligence or accidental circumstances.

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Insurance for chiropractors

More and more people realize the positive impacts of natural alternatives to deal with chronic pains. Therefore, chiropractors are in huge demand right now. And while chiropractors are advocates for wellness, there’s always a chance things won’t always go well. When your business includes hands-on alignment of patients, there is always an element of risk involved.

As a chiropractor, you have unique risks to consider, and we’re here to help protect you. Zensurance has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs protect their businesses with insurance policies that are right for them.

We’re on a mission to make insurance easy to understand and be transparent about the correct coverage details. Below, we answer the top questions about chiropractor malpractice insurance.

Chiropractic malpractice insurance (also known as Professional Liability Insurance) is a type of coverage that protects chiropractors and related practitioners against claims related to negligence or errors that leads to treatment-related patient injuries.

Professional Liability Insurance is a policy that can cover the legal costs and medical fees from claims of negligence that result in causing third-party bodily injury. Common malpractice accidents typically fall within the following areas:

  • Failure to attend to a patient;
  • Failures in diagnosis;
  • Failures in referral or consultation;
  • Failure to protect or warn third parties; or,
  • Substandard treatment

Many employers provide corporate coverage, but independent chiropractors renting space or travelling to patients’ homes will likely need their own insurance policy.

Additional coverage listed below is recommended for chiropractors who operate clinics or offer their services at multiple locations:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL), also known as ‘slip and fall insurance,’ General Liability Insurance for chiropractors provides protection against the risks you may encounter during day-to-day business operations, including third-party property damage or bodily injuries. For example, your patient falls off your unstable chiropractic table – they injure their wrist and successfully sue you for bodily injury. Your CGL could cover the legal fees and medical expenses.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance is essential coverage for any professional who stores patient information, confidential data or conducts virtual consultations. It covers costs associated with electronic incidents involving your technology systems and patient data, such as incident response and breach management fees. For example, a hacker attacked your online chiropractor booking system and holding your patient’s data was held for ransom. In that case, Cyber Liability Insurance could cover the costs to pay the ransom and any fees required to restore data.

There are many responsibilities that chiropractors may have, so that the insurance costs will vary for each professional. 

Below are some of the factors that are taken into consideration when determining the actual cost of your premium:

  • Years of experience
  • Location
  • Other services provided
  • Size of business (Individual or Group Clinic)
  • Past claims

We strive to make sure you get an insurance quote that’s precisely right for your business. That’s why we’ve partnered with over fifty insurance providers to offer you a variety of options to suit your business needs at the best price.

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Common claims scenarios

Spinal X-ray

Problem: Your patient’s spinal x-ray showed signs of scoliosis, so you recommend specific alignment for treatment. A few weeks later, you realize the x-ray matched with the wrong patient information, and your patient’s x-ray shows there were no serious issues. Your patient sues you for negligence.

Outcome: Your Professional Liability Insurance policy could cover the legal fees for the misdiagnosis claim, totalling $30,000.

Problem: You’ve added some children’s toys to your waiting room. One morning, a child falls off an unstable rocking horse and injures themself.

Outcome: The child’s mother successfully sues you for the injury. Your Commercial General Liability Insurance policy could cover the legal expenses and medical fees, totalling $10,000.

chiropractor working on patient

Problem: You’re performing a routine adjustment on a patient. Unfortunately, you provide too much pressure during a specific alignment and cause severe injury to their back. Your patient sues you for malpractice.

Outcome: Your Malpractice Insurance policy could cover any medical expenses and legal fees totalling $50,000.

Frequently asked questions

Will my malpractice insurance cover me for other services that I provide?

Yes, malpractice insurance could provide coverage beyond your chiropractic services if you offer other related services. Some examples of additional services are acupuncture, massage therapy and physiotherapy. To ensure you have adequate coverage, make sure you disclose these additional services to your insurance broker.

How much malpractice insurance should a chiropractor have?

Each province requires a different minimum limit within Canada, starting about $1,000,000 in coverage limit and up to $3,000,000 for larger businesses. However, as this is a minimum limit, this amount may not be sufficient, depending on the size of your business. Work with an insurance broker to ensure your business is adequately covered.

Do I have to get chiropractor malpractice insurance from a regulatory association (e.g. CCPA)?

No, it’s not mandatory to purchase insurance through a regulatory association. Organizations such as CCPA (Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association) support chiropractic health care professionals and may include some insurance coverage as part of their membership package.

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