Home Based Business Insurance

Home Based Business Insurance

Specifically designed with hustling, fearless entrepreneurs in mind, Zensurance’s home based business liability insurance covers the most common risks that you may come across when operating out of your home.If you operate a small business or sole proprietorship from your home, your homeowner’s policy will most likely not cover any damages from business-related activity, which leaves your business exposed to an unacceptable amount of risk!

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What does Home Based Business Insurance cover?

When running a business from home, insurance coverage should cover all the risks that you are most likely to face. Those risks will vary for different types of businesses, but there are some basic coverages that are applicable to most businesses, including:

Who needs Home Based Business Insurance?

Whether you are a consultant, baker, or makeup artist, if you operate out of your home, store inventory or equipment at your home, or have clients visit you at your home, any claims from business-related causes may not be covered by your homeowner or renter’s policy. If you operate out of your home, protect your business with the right business insurance coverage for home-based businesses.

How much does Home Based Business Insurance cost?

The cost of your small home based business insurance will depend on a number of factors. Insurance companies consider a number of elements before determining your premium, including but not limited:
  • Revenue
  • Industry
  • Years of experience
  • Value of assets
  • Claims history

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Frequently Asked Questions about Home Based Small Business Insurance

What is the difference between General Liability Insurance and Home Based Business Insurance?
General liability insurance is a specific insurance policy that covers injury and damage to third-parties, while home-based business insurance is an umbrella term that may include several different insurance policies such as general liability, professional liability, legal expense, contents coverage, etc, bundled into a package specially curated for businesses that operate out of the owner’s home.
What are the most common coverage that I should opt to include by business insurance policy?
Coverage requirements may differ for different industries. The most basic insurance policy that is applicable to almost all businesses is commercial general liability, which provides protection from third-party related risks. If you provide a service or advice, consider adding professional liability insurance to your policy. If you own expensive equipment and assets, consider contents coverage and equipment breakdown coverage. Legal expenses coverage may also come in handy if you require legal counsel or defense.
Does my homeowner’s policy cover disasters that occur due to business equipment failure?
Most homeowner’s policies do not cover any damages to your home that result from business-related activity and property, but go over your policy to ensure that it’s the case for you. For example, if you run a catering business and one of your equipment caused a fire to start at your property, any resulting damages may not be covered by your home insurance policy.

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