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Consultant Insurance

What is Audiologist Insurance?

As an Audiologist insurance is a mandatory part of your practice as it regulated by your provincial college. It also protects your from lawsuits stemming for your could be deemed as your professional negligence. Since hearing a very important sense to your clients their lawsuits stemming from your treatments can escalate into the millions very quickly. With this sensitive subject we have created a comprehensive product to protect you.
What does Consultant Insurance cover?

What does Audiologist Insurance cover?

Our College Approved Insurance Covers

  • Claims stemming from miss diagnose
  • Injuries during the course of treatment
  • Fraudulent claims for patients committing insurance fraud
  • Conflicting diagnoses and treatments from other practitioners
What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

Who needs Audiologist Insurance?

You can also add coverage to protect against

  • Clients slipping or falling
  • Children getting hurt during testing
  • Accidents that cause property damage and triggering a lawsuit
  • Extending liability coverage to a home office
What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

What is the cost of Audiologst Insurance?

As an audiologist you utilize expensive equipment in your treatments

  • If a fire damages your equipment we will replace your equipment
  • For your private practice if you experience a downturn in clients from being forced to re-locate
  • We offer coverage from water damage from a pipe bursting
  • If you home practice is damaged in property loss

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Common scenarios where Audiologist Insurance is useful:

Commercial Insurance Canada Scenario

A child is misdiagnosed causing a larger health issue to become more severe

Commercial Insurance for Contractors

An elderly patient trips over a headset cord and trips hitting their head.

Commercial Insurance for Restaurants

All your equipment is destroyed by a pipe bursting in the ceiling causing water to spray all over the treatment room

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