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Fitness Insurance

Insurance is a must for Canadian professionals who offer fitness services to groups and individuals.
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What is Fitness Insurance?

Insurance for fitness instructors is designed to protect against specific liability risks associated with providing fitness services, such as slip-and-fall injuries or alleged misconduct.

Fitness Insurance should be a key consideration for any fitness practitioner or studio owner.


What Does Fitness Insurance Cover?

The most common policy types for fitness professionals are:


Who needs Fitness Insurance?

If you are a fitness services practitioner or studio owner, you should consider fitness insurance.

Some of our fitness clients include:

  • Fitness Instructors
  • Zumba Teachers
  • Pilates Instructors
  • Matial Arts Instructors
  • Yoga Instructors

What is the Cost of Fitness Insurance?

The cost of a Fitness Insurance policy will vary according to several factors, such as:

  • Operation Size
  • Location
  • Level of Experience
  • Past Insurance Claims
  • Training and Education

As a fitness instructor, you can expect to pay approximately $450 for a Commercial General Liability insurance policy with a $2M limit.

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Common scenarios where Fitness Insurance is useful:

Fitness Trainer & Client

Problem: A client accuses one of your trainers of sexual harassment.

Outcome: You hire a lawyer to defend your employees. Although the lawsuit is unsuccessful, you accumulate $23,000 in legal expenses. Your Professional Liability Insurance covers the total cost.

Bench Press

Problem: A client has a severe allergic reaction from supplements they bought at your studio.

Outcome: Your client successfully sues you for bodily injury. Your Product Liability Insurance covers the medical expenses and legal fees, totaling $18,000.


Problem: Problem: A kettlebell handle snaps while a client is using during a fitness class, resulting in a severe injury.

Outcome:  The client successfully sues you. Your Commercial General Liability Insurance covers the legal expenses and medical fees, totaling $45,000.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Fitness Insurance

What kind of claims do fitness professionals experience?

Most fitness claims involve tripping over equipment. Another common cause is clients pushing themselves past their limit, believing they can do one more bench press or try new exercises without proper training after watching Youtube and Instagram videos. If you have come across these problems while working with fitness clients, you can quickly find yourself needing a fitness insurance policy.

What are the common restrictions of a fitness insurance policy?

The fitness industry is full of different techniques and different categories. It is important to know what types of clients you can and cannot train. Some common exclusions include professional athletes, minors and certain types of exercises that usually include aerial or aquatic components. Discuss thoroughly with your broker what your fitness insurance policy does not include.

Can someone file a fitness insurance claim against me after years?

Bodily injury to your sports and fitness clients can be troublesome even if a claim is not made immediately, because they are allowed to make claims up to two years from the reported date of injury. This means you can be faced with a lawsuit related to a fitness claim years after going out of business or changing your profession. 

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