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Whether you run a large landscaping company or you are an independent contractor, it’s critical to protect your business with Landscaping Insurance.

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What is Landscaping Insurance?

Canadian landscapers embrace the unique challenge of providing exceptional outdoor design and maintenance work throughout all four seasons. The variety of exterior services you offer each presents a different level of risk for accidents, damages, or injuries.

Landscaping Insurance is a policy package designed for landscape contractors that provides financial coverage for the common risks associated with owning a landscaping business, such as slip-and-fall injuries and third-party property damage.


What kind of insurance does a landscaping company need?

As landscaping requires strenuous physical labor, it is important to have insurance coverage specifically designed for the risks you encounter and the equipment you own.

A comprehensive landscaper’s insurance package will typically include the following:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance: covers for costs associated with common landscaping liability risks, such as third-party injuries or property damage.
  • Tools and Equipment Insurance: covers the cost to repair or replace your tools and equipment due to damage from work accidents (includes vandalism) or loss (includes theft).
    • Business property valued under $1,500 is classified as tools, and anything over is considered equipment.
  • Pollution Liability Insurancecovers third-party bodily injury, property damage and environmental damage due to both gradual and sudden pollution events that occur on a covered job site.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: provides financial coverage for any business-owned vehicles along with employees who drive it from accidents, damages, and theft.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: covers for physical loss or damage to your property (rented or owned) and its physical contents due to an external disaster, such as a fire, theft, or vandalism

Who needs Landscaping Insurance?

Regardless of the landscape services provided (residential or commercial), there will still be risks of slip-and-fall injuries and property damage, especially in locations prone to harsher weather elements.

Insurance coverage will provide financial protection should you or your employees be named in a lawsuit.

We’ve insured more than 1,000 contractors. Some of our landscape clients include:

  • Arborist / Tree Removal
  • Decks/Fence/Patio Contractors
  • Gardeners
  • Landscape Design/Architect
  • Lawn Care Services
  • Masonry
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • Snow Removal

How much does landscaping business insurance cost?

The cost of insurance for a small landscaping business working on residential projects typically starts at $500 for a Commercial General Liability Insurance policy.

There are several factors considered when determining a price for a Landscaping Insurance policy package, including:

  • Number of Employees
  • Project type (Commercial/Residential)
  • Years of Experience
  • Location
  • Tools & Equipment Owned
  • Annual and Projected Revenue

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Common scenarios where Landscaping Insurance is useful

Burglar breaking into work van

Problem: You’re contracted to create an outdoor masterpiece for a client’s backyard. The night before the project starts, a burglar breaks into your work van and steals all the tools and equipment needed for the job.

Outcome: Equipment and Tools insurance would cover the cost to replace the $56,000 worth of stolen tools and equipment.

Commercial Insurance for Contractors

Problem: Your landscaping business was hired by a company to renovate its outdoor wedding venue.  While excavating the grounds, one of your clients on-site tripped on an underground root, breaking his wrists on his fall.

Outcome: The workplace accident required a complicated surgery which amounted to $26,000 of medical bills and lost wages.  Good thing your Commercial General Liability Insurance has it covered.

Building on fire

Problem: A threatened competitor burns down your storage building, destroying all of your tools and equipment.

Outcome: Your Commercial Property Insurance policy covers to replace the $100,000 worth of business property that was lost in the fire.

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