Swimming Pool Contractor Insurance

Swimming Pool Contractor Insurance

Residential and commercial swimming pool contractors, and pool cleaning and repair businesses need to protect themselves from third-party liability claims and damages or losses from unexpected events.

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What is swimming pool contractor insurance?

A swimming pool contractor liability insurance policy is designed to cover your business if you face a third-party lawsuit for bodily injuries or property damage resulting from the work you do for a customer, whether it’s an inground pool, above-ground pool, semi-inground pool, or hot tub. Depending on the coverage options you select, it can also safeguard your business from unexpected events such as severe weather, theft, or fire.

Why do pool contractors need insurance?

Swimming pool contractors face many risks including issues arising from digging and installation, adverse weather, and the design of the drainage system.

 For instance, if you build a pool for a customer and at some point it malfunctions and causes water to leak into your customer’s home, you may be legally responsible for fixing the pool and repairing the damage to your customer’s dwelling. If the customer decides to sue your business, that third-party lawsuit for property damage could run into thousands of dollars and potentially bankrupt your operations if you are uninsured. Third-party legal claims can occur while work is being done as well as after the work is completed.

 A comprehensive swimming pool contractors’ insurance policy is ideal for: 

  • Swimming pool installers
  • Swimming pool repair and cleaning contractors
  • Hot tub, sauna and spa installers and repair technicians

What does it cover?

A comprehensive insurance policy for a swimming pool business may include the following types of coverages:

How much does it cost?

The cost of a basic or standard swimming pool contractor insurance policy is determined by insurance companies and is based on several factors, such as:

  •  The industry you’re in and the services you provide
  • Your business’s size and location
  • How many employees you have
  • Years of experience
  • Your annual and projected revenues
  • Your history of insurance claims

 Most swimming pool and hot tub contractors purchase a policy with up to $2 million of general liability coverage. However, no two insurance policies are alike. Have a chat with one of our licensed brokers to gain a better understanding of the risks you face and how a customized insurance policy can help protect you.

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Frequently asked questions

What is excluded from a swimming pool contractor insurance policy?

Although every insurance policy is unique and based upon your situation and needs, some common exclusions from a swimming pool contractors’ liability policy may include: 

  • Coverage for poor or faulty workmanship
  • Events or items that give rise to pollution
  • Coverage for subcontractors. All subcontractors need to have their own liability insurance before being hired for the job

Speak to a licensed insurance broker about getting a policy and ask what is covered and excluded from the type of policy you require. Your broker can advise you on the types of coverages you should have for the type of work you do.

How does the type of pool being installed affect my insurance premium?

In-ground pools are considered to be a greater risk than above-ground pools and hot tubs. That’s because in-ground pools involve excavation, tile installation, as well as possible plumbing- and HVAC-related work.

Could I be held liable for pool damages after the completion of services?

Yes, you could be held liable for damages if they are in correlation with the work you did for your customer.

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