Hair Stylist Insurance

Hair Stylist Insurance

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Why do I need Hair Stylist Insurance?

As a hair stylist there is a high probability that you are not protected by your hair & beauty salon, at least not all the time. The only instance that your salon will protect you from a claim is if you are operating as an employee. If you rent a chair, sub-contract, or do any work on the side in the salon you will need your own insurance. Our policy covers you for accidents in and out of the chair, like slipping on loose hair or a bad colouring that leads to an irate client. All hairdressers should consider individual insurance policy.

What does Consultant Insurance cover?

This coverages protect you from a lawsuit from one of the following

  • You accidentally cut or shave a clients skin
  • A defective colouring product causes burns to client
  • During a cut the client moves causing a scar
  • For a clients wedding day you accidentally ruin their hair
What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

This coverage protects you from a lawsuit from the following as a hairdresser

  • A client slips on a puddle of water from hair sink
  • While getting out of the chair a client gets caught on the foot and gets hurt
  • While in the waiting room a client is burned by the coffee maker
  • The shop hand forgets to sweep and an elderly client trips
What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

Contents Coverages:

This coverage protects you from physical damage from one of the following:

  • The space you lease is destroyed by a fire causing you to have to purchase all new equipment
  • While driving to a clients house you are in a car accident causing your beauty equipment to be destroyed
  • While working out of your home, you have a house fire causing you to rent a location for 5 months
  • You have to relocate due to pipe bursting but you have a downturn in clients due to your new location

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Typical Claims For Different Types of Stylist Insurance Coverage

Commercial Insurance Canada Scenario

Professional Liability Claim:

During a cut, a client moves and your tool goes into their eye

Commercial Insurance for Contractors

Commercial General Liability Claim:

An elderly client slips on a patch of hair and severely hurts themselves

Commercial Insurance for Restaurants

Contents Claim:

The salon in which you rent from has a fire and you lease all your tools and have to rebuild your client base because you change salons

Frequently Asked Questions about
General Liability Insurance

What is the difference between hair salon liability insurance and professional liability insurance?

Professional liability insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to protect professionals who provide a service, in the event of errors or omissions in their service that harm their clients. Hair salon liability insurance (hairdresser insurance in short) is an insurance package designed to protect hair salons and hair stylists against common risks they face, and bundled in that package will be professional liability coverage, general liability coverage, contents coverage, if these are all requested by the salon owner/hair stylist. Amendments can be made if required by simply contacting your assigned broker.

How much does hair stylist insurance cost?

The cost of your hairstylist insurance policy will depend on a few different factors, such as whether you own a hair salon or only rent a chair, whether you travel to clients’ houses, how much revenue you made in the previous year, how much revenue you expect to make this year, security measures in place, and a few other simple questions related to your business.

Do I need hair salon booth rental insurance if I am renting a chair?

You may need it because it’s possible that the salon where you are renting your chair doesn’t cover independent contractors under its policy. Check in with the salon owner to understand what coverages you are provided under their insurance policy. You can also discuss with your broker what amendments should be made to your policy to fit your specific insurance needs.

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