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No matter the type of body art services offered, all tattoo parlours and artists should protect themselves with tattoo liability insurance coverage.

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As with any occupation, there is always a chance something could go wrong. We’ve all heard of one or two tattoo mishaps, and some stories even make it into the news. While you can take all the precautions to provide a safe environment for your customers, there’s a risk that an unhappy customer could sue you for a tattoo that they feel doesn’t meet the standard you advertised. Claims can add up and put you out of business if you don’t protect yourself with insurance.

At Zensurance, we want to ensure you have “no regrets” when running your tattoo business. We’re here to help you understand the basics of tattoo insurance and how it can protect you from financial loss.

Tattoo liability insurance is a combination of insurance policies that can cover you financially from the risks that may occur when running a tattoo business. Whether you run a tattoo parlour or are a freelancing tattoo artist, you should have tattoo insurance to cover your business and reputation against liable acts and accidents.

Tattoo insurance policies offer coverage specific to your needs. However, typically, you can expect the following coverage to be a part of your policy:

  • Professional liability insurance: This coverage, also known as errors and omissions insurance (E&O), protects your business against allegations of negligence, professional errors in your work, or failing to deliver a service as advertised. For example, say you tattoo a customer with solely black ink and they specified a coloured fill – you only remember at the end of the session. The customer could sue you for failing to deliver the tattoo as specified. Professional liability insurance could pay for settlement fees.
  • Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance: This coverage safeguards businesses against general third-party claims, such as property damage or bodily injury. The most common claim is a slip-and-fall that you can be held liable for because it happened on your premises. For example, say a customer trips over a loose cable in your studio and hurts their wrist. You could be liable to pay for their medical bills. CGL insurance may financially cover you for such an incident.
  • Commercial property insurance: With commercial property insurance, you can protect your shop premises (whether you rent or own it) and the contents inside from covered risks, such as fire, theft, or vandalism.  For instance, if your tattoo equipment was damaged by an electrical fire, commercial property insurance could cover the costs to repair or replace your equipment. With commercial property insurance, business interruption coverage is often included. It offers reimbursement for income loss following an insured event (a pandemic and government-mandated closures are excluded from this coverage).

There are a variety of factors that help to determine a premium that’s right for your tattoo business. However, for a rough estimate, tattoo insurance premiums start at around $1,000 a year for a professional liability package with a $2 million limit.

To get an accurate quote for your business, complete a quick quote online – we’ll ask you questions that help us to understand your needs and coverage requirements. Here are some of the criteria you’ll be asked about to determine the best policy options for you and your business:

  • The types of services you offer
  • Training, education, and years of experience
  • Safety and sterilization standards
  • Your claims history
  • Annual and projected revenue

If you own a tattoo parlour or you’re a hired tattoo artist, it’s vital to protect yourself with a tattoo insurance policy. There’s always a risk of an allegation against your professional work or a possibility of a liable accident occurring in your shop.

In addition to general tattoo artists, professionals who may also benefit from a liability insurance policy include the following:

  • Body piercers
  • Cosmetic or henna tattoo artists
  • Glitter tattoo artists
  • Laser tattoo removal

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Common claims scenarios

Tattoo artist making an error

Problem: A client requested to get a tattoo of his daughter’s name on his back. After the session has ended, you realize you misspelt the daughter’s name. The client ends up suing you for negligence.

Outcome: Your professional liability insurance could cover the $20,000 lawsuit placed against your business.

Customer inside tattoo parlour

Problem: A customer slips off the chair inside your tattoo studio and injures themself.

Outcome: The client sues for bodily injury. Your commercial general liability insurance could cover the $25,000 cost to settle the lawsuit.

Angry customer breaks business store window

Problem: After refusing to provide services to an intoxicated customer, they destroy your professional tattoo machine and smash wall mirrors before storming out.

Outcome: Your commercial property insurance could cover the $7,000 required to replace the damaged equipment.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be liable for injury-related claims after months of providing tattoo service?

If a customer is blaming you for a tattoo-related injury months after your service, external factors will be considered. It would need to be proven your service directly caused the injury, and external factors (such as the level of care from the customer) weren’t the true cause. Depending on the outcome, general liability coverage could cover the costs of medical fees and legal fees.

Will my insurance cover customer injuries sustained during the tattooing process?

If you have general liability coverage, chances are you’ll be covered for causing an injury due to an accident during the tattooing process. Should a customer sue, general liability insurance may provide financial coverage for legal fees and medical fees.

Do I need additional tattoo insurance coverage if I provide services to minors?

To get a tattoo, many provinces have mandated a minimum age that’s below the age of the minority. You may require higher coverage limits if you offer tattoos to minors. Check with a broker, or include this detail in your quote to ensure you’re adequately covered.

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