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No matter the type of body art services you offer, all tattoo professionals should have insurance coverage.

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What is Tattoo Shop Insurance?

Tattoo Shop Insurance is a policy package designed to protect tattoo artists and shop owners against their risks specific to their business, such as third-party bodily injury or malpractice.

Mistakes can happen and disrupt your business in a matter of minutes. We know what makes your tattoo business unique, leave it to us to find the best fit for you.

Esthetician Insurance Coverage

What does Tattoo Shop Insurance cover?

A comprehensive Tattoo Insurance program will typically include the following:

  • Professional Liability Insurance protects tattoo artists from claims related to their professional activities alleging negligence, misconduct, or failure to deliver a service as promised.
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL): is a business insurance policy that protects from common tattoo liability claims, such as third-party injuries and property damage.
  • Contents Coverage offers financial protection to replace or repair the physical assets inside your tattoo shop, such as furnishing, equipment, and machinery.
Esthetician Insurance Requirements

Who needs Tattoo Insurance?

If you are a tattoo artist or run a tattoo shop, you face daily risks of potentially injuring or lawsuits from unsatisfied customers.  With such high degrees of liabilities, all tattooing professionals should consider protecting themselves with Tatoo Insurance.

We’ve insured more than 1,000 practitioners. Some of our clients include:

  • Body Piercings
  • Cosmetic / Henna Tattoo
  • Glitter Tattoo
  • Laser Tattoo Removal

Each profession is unique, and coverage requirements may vary.  Please speak with one of our brokers about customizing your policy to suit your specific business needs.

Esthetician Insurance Costs

How much does Tattoo Shop Insurance cost?

The average cost of Tattoo Shop Insurance starts around $1,000 for a Professional Liability Insurance policy with a $2M coverage limit.

The exact cost of your policy will vary depending on several factors, such as:

  • Training and Experience
  • Annual and Projected Revenue
  • Services Provided
  • Number of Employees

Common scenarios where Tattoo Insurance is useful:

Tattoo Misspelling

Problem:  A client requested to get a tattoo of his daughter’s name on his back. After the session, you realize the name was misspelled. The client ends up suing you for negligence.

Outcome:  Your Professional Liability Insurance policy would cover the $10,000 lawsuit placed against your business.

Tattoo lady walking down stairs

Problem:  A customer slips down the stairs in front of your tattoo studio and injures themselves.

Outcome:  The client sues for bodily injury. Your Commercial General Insurance policy would cover the $25,000 cost to settle the lawsuit.

Drunk guy in panda mask

Problem:  After refusing to provide services to an intoxicated customer, they destroy your tattoo machine and mirrors before storming out.

Outcome:  Your Contents Coverage insurance policy would cover the $4,000 cost to replace the damaged equipment.

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