Eye Esthetician Insurance

Eye Esthetician Insurance is essential for anyone who offers beauty services related to the eyes since accidents related to such services are a lot more common than accidents in most other beauty or health-related services. If you are looking for liability insurance for eyelash technicians, liability insurance for microblading, or liability insurance for other beauty-related services, continue reading to find out what may or may not be covered.

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Consultant Insurance

What is Eye Esthetician Insurance?

Get coverage from lawsuits for these types of services and more

  • Eyelash technician insurance coverage
  • Permanent makeup insurance coverage
  • Semi permanent makeup insurance coverage
  • Eye lash tinting insurance coverage
  • Eyelash extension insurance coverage
  • Microblading insurnace coverage

Our eye esthetician insurance policy covers these services and many more from clients suing you for your professional services. Most policies are between $500 and $1000 a year

What does Consultant Insurance cover?

Professional Liability Insurance

Since you are a trained professional you require professional liability

  • Covers injuries to your clients that occur during treatments
  • Defends against lawsuits from clients claiming poor services
  • Provides defense costs against lawsuits from upset clients
  • Protects against claims stemming from faulty products
What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Covers accidents that can happen before  after or during a treatment unrelated to your professional services

  • During a treatment the table collapses
  • A client visiting your home for a touch up slips on your property
  • After a microblading treatment a client feels feint and passes out
  • In the middle of eye lash extensions the client sneezes causing blindness
What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

Contents Coverage Insurance

Even though your equipment cost might be minimal there are few instances which can be beneficial

  • While driving to a mobile treatment you are in a car accident and you table is destroyed
  • The spa in which you are renting a room has fire and you need to relocate and inform your clients
  • Your home treatment room floods and you have to rent a room for the first time

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Claims Examples for Eye Esthetician Insurance

Commercial Insurance Canada Scenario

A client does not follow your post care treatment after a microblading treatment and gets an eye infection

Commercial Insurance for Contractors

You use a defective batch of fake eyelashes causing a group of clients to get pink eye

Commercial Insurance for Restaurants

You pick up a large order of Botox units from your supplier and get in a car accident on the way home destroying your inventory

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