Nail Technician Insurance

Nail Technician Insurance

Business insurance for nail salons and nail technicians. Protect yourself against potential liabilities such as malpractice, third-party injuries and property damage.

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Insurance for nail techs and nail salons

Nail salons aren’t dangerous places (after all, people go for a relaxing time!). However, there are always risks regardless of the level of protection you have in place. For example, nail salons have access to dangerous chemicals – these can cause allergic reactions and other injuries for which you could be liable. Additionally, almost every business can be liable for common risks such as a slip-and-fall on their property.

To safeguard your nail salon and focus on what’s important to you, make sure you have a sufficient insurance policy. Looking for more information about nail technician insurance? Find out all the answers to your questions below.

Nail technician insurance combines several commercial insurance policies to create the right protection required for nail salon owners, nail technicians, and self-employed nail professionals.

Coverage will vary depending on your business needs, but the following policies are commonly included for nail technicians:

  • Professional Liability Insurance: Sometimes called errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, professional liability covers you against allegations that you (or a full-time employee) were professionally negligent while providing a service. For example, a client alleges that one of your full-time nail technicians was too rough when providing a manicure, causing painful damage to their nail beds. Should they sue, professional liability insurance can cover legal defence fees and the cost of related damages.
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: CGL coverage protects you against day-to-day risks of running a business, such as a slip-and-fall accident or damage to a third party’s property. In the event of a claim, CGL can cover legal costs and other costs such as related third-party medical fees. Say you accidentally spill a bottle of nail glue over a client’s phone and bag, ruining their belongings. The client could hold you responsible for the cost to replace or repair their items – CGL could cover these costs.
    • Product Liability Insurance: As part of a CGL policy, you can also be covered for the liability risks you face when using or selling products in your nail salon. For example, you sell a nail varnish remover to a client, but it causes them to have an allergic reaction that needs medical attention. Product liability may cover legal defence costs and other damages, such as medical bills.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Whether you rent a salon or work from home,  protect your business property and equipment with commercial property insurance. This policy can protect your assets from insured events, such as a fire, vandalism, theft, and certain extreme weather events. For example, suppose the neighbouring unit catches fire, and your salon suffers from severe smoke damage. In that case, commercial property insurance could cover smoke damage restoration costs and other costs needed to repair or replace your damaged contents.

Your business is unique in many ways, so there’s no set price because each insurance package is built around the business. To give you a ballpark figure, a nail technician can expect to spend around $275 annually on a combined professional and commercial general liability policy with a limit of $2M.

As for nail salon owners, insurance typically starts at around $380 per year.

Want to see how much a policy could cost you? With Zensurance, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to find the coverage you’ll need and the associated cost of an insurance policy. When filling out your application, you’ll be asked simple questions about the following factors:

  • Services offered
  • Years of experience
  • Claims history
  • Training and education

To help you find great coverage for an amazing price, we’ve partnered with more than 50 insurance providers to give you the best options suited for your business.

If you run a nail salon, offer nail services in your salon, or you’re a freelance nail technician professional, you might benefit from a nail technician insurance policy tailored for your needs.

We’ve insured more than 1,000 beauty professionals. Some of our clients include:

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Common claims scenarios

foot treatment - professional liability

Problem: A client alleges a new pedicure treatment you recommended caused their feet to hurt for a week after and sues you for their medical bills.

Outcome: Your professional liability insurance covers $9,000 in legal fees and medical expenses.

injured customer

Problem: A client trips over a loose welcome mat and bangs their head on a table while trying to stop themselves from falling.

Outcome: Your client sues you for bodily injury. Your commercial general liability insurance covers the $20,000 costs in medical expenses and legal fees.

hand cream - product liability

Problem: You sold a new hand cream to your customer, and they complain their hands are breaking out in a rash, requiring medical attention. They sue your business for using an allegedly faulty product.

Outcome: Your product liability insurance covers the $15,000 in legal fees and monetary judgments.

Frequently asked questions

What are the common risks that nail technicians face?

Here are some of the risks that can occur in a nail salon that can be covered by nail technician insurance:

  • Allergic reaction/adverse reaction to a treatment
  • Slip-and-fall incident
  • Property damage due to fire, theft or vandalism
  • Allegations of professional negligence
How much insurance coverage should a nail technician have?

Typically, nail technicians should have at least $2 million coverage for liability claims. It may seem like a lot, but claims can be very costly – such as medical bills and legal fees that can add up quickly.

Do I need additional coverage if I provide mobile nail services?

Yes. Our liability insurance adapts to your mobile nail business and can cover your content while in transit services across Canada at no additional cost.

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