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Whether you offer eyebrow or eyelash extensions, all eye estheticians should have coverage.

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Insurance for eyelash technicians

Beauty services make up a multi-billion industry in Canada, but with any big business, there’s always going to be an element of risk.  No matter how many precautions are taken, there’s a danger an accident could happen that’s beyond our control, especially when treating the delicate areas around the eyes.

As an eyelash technician, we know your business is unique. We’ve helped more than 100,000 beauty professionals protect their businesses with insurance policies that are designed to cover their needs.

Eyelash esthetician insurance policy packages are specially designed to protect lash technicians against specific risks associated with extensions, including equipment- and treatment-related accidents and injuries.  Eyelash extensions are among the many services offered in the beauty industry and require comprehensive coverage.

We recognize that each beauty business is different. eyelash esthetician insurance describes several insurance policies that are combined to provide comprehensive coverage. An insurance policy for eyelash technicians typically includes:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance: Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) safeguards businesses against any third-party claims, such as property damage or an injury in the salon, such as a slip-and-fall.
  • Product Liability Insurance covers claims alleging that a product distributed, made, or sold by your business caused property damage or bodily injury. Covered damages are often related to a design, manufacturing, or marketing defect, including incorrect labeling or safety advice.
  • Commercial Property Insurance protects business premises and the property inside from a covered risk, such as fire, theft, or vandalism. Commercial Property Insurance policies typically include business interruption coverage, which offers reimbursement for income loss following an insured event. An exception would be loss related to a pandemic or government-mandated closure.

You can anticipate premiums starting from $500 on an annual Commercial General Liability package with a $2M limit.

When you complete our online application, we will ask you some clarifying questions to provide the best options for your specific business needs. The following factors are taken into consideration when determining the best policy options for you and your business:

  • The types of services on offer;
  • Training, education, and years of experience;
  • Your claims history; and,
  • Annual and projected revenue.

Many beauty technicians ask themselves, “Do I need insurance to do eyelash extensions?” The simple answer is, “Yes!”

All professionals or businesses offering beauty services need to protect themselves against everyday risks with an eyelash extension insurance policy package.

In addition to eyelash technicians, professionals who may benefit from a Beauty Insurance policy include:

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Common claims scenarios

eyelash extension procedure

Problem: A client has a severe allergic reaction to a lash adhesive you sell at your salon.

Outcome: The client sues you successfully for bodily harm. Your Product Liability Insurance could cover the legal costs and medical fees.

beauty salon

Problem: A client slips on an unattended puddle inside of your salon and injures their ankle. They sue you for bodily injury.

Outcome: Your Commercial General Liability Insurance could cover both the medical fees and legal expenses.

eyelash technician

Problem: During a treatment, you accidentally use glue your client had listed under the allergy section on the intake form.

Outcome: Your client successfully sues you for negligence. Your Professional Liability Insurance could cover the legal fees.

Frequently asked questions

Does Product Liability Coverage cover damages to my stock and inventory?
No. All forms of liability insurance only cover damages to a third-party. Injuries to you and your employees, and damages to your assets, including stock and inventory, are not covered under Product Liability Insurance.
Do I need salon booth rental insurance if I am renting a chair?

You may need it because it’s possible that the salon where you are renting your chair doesn’t cover independent contractors under its policy. Check in with the salon owner to understand what coverages you are provided under their insurance policy. You can also discuss with your broker what amendments should be made to your policy to fit your specific insurance needs.

How much liability insurance do I need?

Most small businesses opt for a $2M policy, but every business faces different risks so definitely work with your insurance provider to find the right policy for your business. Also, consider your budget and how much you can afford to pay in premiums as policies with more coverage usually cost more.

Other beauty professionals we insure:

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