Tanning Salon Insurance

Tanning Salon Insurance

Comprehensive coverage for tanning salons to shield them from the liability risks they face.

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Insurance for tanning salons

Almost everyone wants to glow all year round, and your tanning business provides that opportunity. A tanning salon that is safe, private, reliable, and enjoyable still runs the risk of accidents or personal injury claims. Even if you follow best practices and provide a top-notch tanning service, there is always the chance that something could go wrong, and your business is liable.

Tanning salon insurance is a liability policy tailored to protect you and your business from the risks you may encounter. While a few insurance policies are vital for all tanning businesses, there are other coverages you may wish to consider because not every tanning business looks the same. For instance, a sunless tanning salon might need a different insurance package than a salon specializing in beds or booths.

Tanning business insurance provides several insurance policies that protect your business from unforeseen risks. A comprehensive insurance package for a tanning business typically includes the following:

  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: CGL protects your business against common everyday risks. Often called “slip-and-fall insurance”, CGL protects your business against claims of third-party bodily injury and property damage by covering an injured customer’s medical fees and your legal expenses if you are sued.
    • Product Liability Insurance: Product liability insurance is a must-have for any business that manufactures, distributes, or sells a product. . That includes tanning salons that sell creams, lotions, and sunless tanning products. Most damages covered by product liability can be attributed to a product defect, whether that is through its design, manufacturing, or marketing.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Commercial property insurance is valuable because it safeguards your tanning beds and other business property from an insured peril. An insured peril, or an accident covered by your insurance policy, includes fire, flood, theft, vandalism, and damage or loss resulting from extreme weather.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Commonly referred to as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, professional liability insurance covers claims related to accusations that your business failed to deliver a service and allegations of misconduct or negligence. For example, a client took your professional advice and spent five minutes longer than usual in a tanning bed. The client has a bad reaction and decides to sue you for negligence. Professional liability insurance is designed to provide funds to cover your legal fees and any compensation awarded by the court.

Insurance providers weigh several factors when determining a price for your policy, including:

  • The services you offer
  • How many employees you have
  • Your salon’s location
  • Years of experience
  • Your insurance claims history
  • Your annual gross and projected revenue

Insurance claims are prevalent in the tanning industry. Most tanning salon businesses will encounter at least one “slip and fall” claim, even if every precaution is taken to prevent it. If a customer feels their tanning experience ruined an event, wedding, or professional opportunity, they can file a lawsuit against you.

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Common claims scenarios

Customer skin burn from tanning bed

Problem: A tanning bed in your salon severely burns one of your customers. 

Outcome: Your commercial general liability insurance may cover your customer’s medical expenses.

tanning bed inside salon

Problem: Overnight, a water pipe bursts inside the wall of your salon, causing considerable damage to the interior of your clinic, including a couple of tanning beds.

Outcome: Your commercial property insurance may cover the damages to the walls and pay to repair or replace the damaged tanning beds.

Problem: You sell a spray tan cream to one of your customers. Unfortunately, your client had a bad reaction following its application.

Outcome: Your product liability insurance may cover your customer’s medical expenses and your legal fees if you are sued.

Frequently asked questions

Do mobile tanning services, such as mobile sunless tanning services, need insurance?

Yes. Tanning business insurance is not just for those who work in salons, gyms, or spas. Even if you travel to your clients, there is a risk something will go awry during your service.

Does tanning business insurance cover independent beauticians working in my salon?

No. Your policy is designed to cover you and your full-time employees. Any independent beauticians that work temporarily or occasionally in your salon should have their own coverage.

How much tanning business insurance should I buy?

Figuring out what coverage limits you need for your policy depends on many factors, including the value of your business’s contents, your annual revenue, and the risks you face. Speak to a licensed Zensurance broker for guidance on how much coverage you require.

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