Contractor Insurance Alberta

Contractor Insurance Alberta

Independent contractors, subcontractors, and small business owners in Alberta need to protect themselves from the financial fallout of third-party liability claims and accidents.

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Insurance for Alberta contractors

From Lethbridge to Calgary, Edmonton to Fort McMurray, Grand Prairie to Banff, no matter where in Wild Rose Country you work, contractors and professional tradespeople across Alberta have built the province up to what it is today.

 They ensure the buildings, homes, and infrastructure in cities, towns, and rural regions throughout Alberta is world-class. They plan, manage, construct, monitor, and coordinate all aspects of construction for every project they are entrusted to complete. With all that responsibility comes significant risks that contractors and self-employed tradespeople need to address with a customized contractors’ insurance policy.

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Why is contractors’ insurance important?

Whether constructing a new residential community, paving a highway, installing plumbing pipes in a new high-rise condominium, or rewiring an electrical circuit board, the risk of errors, accidents, or unexpected events like the impacts of severe weather is always present.

Contractors’ insurance that is tailored to address the unique needs you face is the backbone of your risk management strategy, and the safety net all professional tradespeople require should something go wrong, or if you are accused by a client of wrongdoing. A customized contractors’ insurance policy is designed to provide you with financial support if you suffer loss or damage from an insured risk, or are named in a third-party bodily injury or property damage lawsuit.

What does it cover?

Do all independent contractors in Alberta need insurance?

Yes. Regardless of the type of work you do, all independent or self-employed contractors across Alberta should safeguard their businesses, finances, and reputations with a customized insurance policy. In many cases, it may be a legal requirement for you to have insurance. For example, if you need to obtain a municipal building permit, the municipality will want to see your proof of insurance or certificate of insurance document. 

Zensurance helps protect a wide range of self-employed and independent contractors and small business owners, including:

How much does contractors’ insurance in Alberta cost?

Most Alberta contractors buy a policy with up to $2 million of general liability coverage at a starting annual premium of $499 per year.

The actual cost of your policy that insurance companies consider depends on several factors, such as: 

  • The industry you’re in and the services you provide
  • Your business’s size and location
  • How many employees do you have
  • Years of experience
  • Your annual and projected revenues
  • Your history of insurance claims

 Speak to one of our licensed insurance brokers to better understand what options you have, and ensure all possible risks you face are accounted for in your policy.

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Common claims scenarios

Frequently asked questions

The company that hired me as a contractor to work on a construction project is insured. Do I still need an insurance policy?

Yes. Even though you have been hired (permanently or temporarily) by a construction firm to work on one or more projects, your employer’s insurance policy may not provide you with complete coverage. It is wise to purchase a policy to protect yourself and ensure there are no gaps in the coverage your employer’s policy offers. Speak to one of our licensed brokers to learn more.

In the unfortunate event that a passerby is severely injured or killed by a falling object from a high-rise condo development that’s under construction, will contractors’ insurance cover that accident?

Your commercial general liability insurance policy is designed to cover third-party bodily injuries to anyone including passersby, whether it involves covering the cost of their medical expenses or a death.

If I use my personal vehicle to transport equipment, tools, and colleagues to and from a jobsite each day, will my existing private-passenger car insurance cover me if I get into a collision with another vehicle?

In general, a private-passenger car insurance policy is not designed to provide coverage for any vehicle that is used for business purposes. You may need a commercial auto insurance policy to ensure you are protected.

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