If you’re an arborist, tree removal, or tree care business owner, you know your work is essential to maintaining the health and beauty of private properties and green spaces. 

However, it’s also dangerous work with inherent risks that may trigger significant financial losses if you’re not adequately insured. But don’t be stumped (pun intended). 

Here’s what every arborist or tree care professional needs to know about protecting their finances, assets, and reputations:

Understanding Arborist and Tree Removal Insurance

Arborist and tree removal insurance policies offer several coverages to protect business owners, employees, customers, or passersby from injuries and damages.

An arborist at work.

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Among the most common coverages this type of policy includes when doing tree removal or other care and maintenance of trees are:

  • General liability insurance protects businesses from the cost of third-party bodily injury or property damage caused by your operations. 
  • Commercial property insurance protects your business’s office and storage compound and your business contents from damage or loss due to fire, water damage, theft, vandalism, and extreme weather.

What Is Not Covered by Arborist Insurance?

While Canadian arborist insurance policies provide robust coverage, there may be a few exclusions to be aware of, as there are in all insurance policies. 

Consider these additional coverages to strengthen your policy:

  • While your provincial workers’ compensation insurance covers medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses for employees who are injured on the job, employers’ liability insurance complements it by providing your business with coverage for injuries or illnesses to employees that aren’t covered by workers’ comp, or if an injured employee or their family sues you for damages.
  • Pollution liability insurance covers the cost of cleaning up pollution caused by your business and any damages or injuries resulting from environmental hazards related to your services.

Have a conversation with a Zensurance broker if you have questions about the coverage and coverage limits your policy needs.

5 Reasons Why Arborists and Tree Care Businesses Need Insurance

The work arborists and tree care companies do pose significant risks. Here are five reasons why you need a policy:

  1. The work is dangerous, and there is always the risk of accidents and injuries. Frequently working at heights and with heavy equipment can lead to accidents and property damage.
  1. Arborists may be liable for damages caused by the work, even when not at fault. Additionally, working with living organisms can be unpredictable.
  1. Arborists and tree care businesses typically own expensive, specialized equipment and vehicles. As a result, theft of and vandalism to equipment or a car accident is always prevalent.
  1. A lawsuit or an accident can damage the reputation of an arborist or tree care service business. Further to protection from financial losses caused by a lawsuit or an accident, insurance can also help protect a business’s reputation.
  1. Insurance gives clients peace of mind that they will be protected from accidents and other liabilities. They may request to see a valid certificate of insurance to confirm you’re covered, or they won’t do business with you.

Without insurance, you may be putting your livelihood and business in jeopardy. 

What Does Arborist Insurance Cost?

When pricing a policy, an insurer considers a wide range of factors, including the type and amount of coverage you need, the size and location of your business, the number of employees on your team, and your claims history.

For example, a typical policy for an arborist or tree removal company servicing residential or commercial properties may cost a little more than $500 a year for a general liability policy with a $2 million coverage limit.

How to Get Arborist Insurance Quickly

Before you service any property, branch out and explore your options to protect your company through Zensurance. 

Fill out our online application for a free quote in just a few clicks. With more than 50 insurers in our partner network and through our leading-edge technology, our knowledgeable and friendly brokers can quickly get you the low-cost policy you need.

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