Gutter cleaning companies specialize in helping property owners avoid damage to their homes and buildings. They often have teams of trained technicians with the necessary tools and equipment to provide their services.  

And the service they provide is crucial for homeowners and commercial property owners. Keeping eavestroughs and gutters clear of debris and ensuring they’re in tip-top shape can prevent problems and enhance the value of their properties.

For example, gutter cleaning prevents water damage that can seep into the foundation of a structure, potentially causing structural damage or flooding a basement. It can prevent damage to a roof that may lead to leaks and rot, avoid pest infestations, and avert ice dams from forming along the roofline in the winter, leading to water damage in the spring.

Insurance for gutter cleaning professionals

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Just as a property owner needs to take precautionary measures to avoid these problems, gutter cleaning professionals need to do the same, addressing their liability risks with a comprehensive business insurance policy.

Do Gutter Cleaners Need Insurance?

All professionals or small businesses have liability risks regardless of their industry or the services they provide.

Gutter cleaners are no different. They climb and work off ladders at significant heights, which can lead to an accident involving a third party. They could make a mistake while working that creates a bigger problem for their customer, or they may inadvertently damage a customer’s property while doing their work.

While there are companies that specialize in eavestrough and gutter cleaning services for residential and commercial properties, such services are offered by different professionals or businesses as well, including:

  • Landscaping companies
  • Handymen or handypeople
  • Roofing contractors
  • Window cleaning companies
  • Pressure washing businesses
  • Property management companies
  • Janitorial and building maintenance providers

What Does a Gutter Cleaning Insurance Policy Include?

A customized gutter cleaning insurance policy features general liability insurance to cover claims of third-party bodily injuries or third-party property damage. For example, if a ladder you’re using tips over and damages a customer’s vehicle, general liability insurance is designed to cover those damages.

Other coverages may be necessary for your gutter cleaning business. For example:

What Coverage Limits Does Gutter Cleaning Insurance Have?

All insurance policies have coverage limits. You can choose the limit you want for each type of insurance you purchase and the deductibles.

A typical gutter cleaning insurance policy has a $1 million coverage limit, but you can increase it to $2 million. Many contractors and skilled tradespeople increase their coverage limits because they recognize it’s an investment in their livelihoods, and if they need to file a claim following an insurable loss such as damage to a customer’s property, a $1 million coverage limit could be exhausted quickly. If any expenses or damages are outstanding after your policy’s coverage limit is reached, you’ll have to pay them using your own savings.

How to Get Gutter Cleaning Insurance Fast

Getting your business insured and obtaining a certificate of insurance quickly to prove you’re insured is easy through Zensurance.

Fill out our online application for a free quote. Our brokers are insurance experts. They can get the low-cost policy you need, answer your questions, and customize it as required.

Don’t let your gutter cleaning business get washed down the drain by operating without insurance or having inadequate coverage. Let our team help ensure your company’s financial health and longevity with a tailored business insurance policy that safeguards your finances and reputation.

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