There are countless reasons why pregnant couples turn to a doula to support and assist them throughout their pregnancy and childbirth. Doulas are trained professionals who serve as trusted companions and provide personalized care, emotional support, and guidance to couples regarding their childbirth options.

Doulas do not perform clinical tasks, diagnose medical conditions, or give medical advice, but they support pregnant women and their partners before, during, and after childbirth. 

Although the services doulas provide can positively impact the wellbeing of their clients, they also involve liability risks. Therefore, it’s highly recommended for doulas to protect themselves with a comprehensive doula insurance policy.

Insurance for doulas

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What Does a Doula Insurance Policy Include?

A doula insurance policy includes two primary types of coverages: 

  • Medical malpractice insurance, also known as medical professional liability insurance, covers claims or allegations of professional negligence, errors, misconduct that can lead to bodily injury.
  • General liability insurance covers claims of bodily injury or property damage to other people, including your patients arising from your services on your commercial property or during your regular operations.

There are additional coverages you can add to your policy to maximize your protection, including: 

  • Legal expense insurancecovers various legal expenses you incur if you need to hire and retain a lawyer, whether you are being sued, need legal advice, or if you wish to pursue legal action against another business or individual.

Why Do Doulas Need Liability Insurance?

There are many reasons why liability insurance for doulas is necessary. 

Despite how skilled, caring, and cautious you are, if you’re accused of making a mistake or are facing an allegation of professional negligence or wrongdoing, the cost to defend yourself could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars – even if the accusation, claim, or legal action against you is deemed frivolous.

A doula can be accused or face a claim of breach of confidentiality, failing to recognize signs of a medical emergency, injuring a client during labour support, and failing to provide informed consent regarding a pregnant woman’s options and risks during childbirth.

Speak to a licensed Zensurance broker if you have questions about what your policy should include, what optional coverages you can add, and what your coverage limits should be.

How to Get Doula Liability Insurance Fast

Zensurance can help you get low-cost liability insurance for your doula practice. We help thousands of self-employed and independent professionals and small business owners across Canada get the coverage they need.

Fill out our online application for a free quote.

Our knowledgeable and friendly brokers will shop our partner network of over 50 insurers to find the right coverage for your practice and customize it to suit your specific needs so you can relax and concentrate on helping your clients experience the joy of childbirth worry-free.

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