As we enter the next phase of reopening following the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, Canadians are shedding their sweatpants and running to salons to regain the sense of comfort that accompanies a beauty appointment. After the mass appointment-cancellation that occurred following the government-mandated lockdown, beauty business owners across the country demonstrated unprecedented adaptability, which resulted in the rapid innovation of digital and at-home beauty offerings to keep their businesses afloat.

While these brand extensions and revenue streams may have served as temporary support until the lockdown lifted, business owners may find that their clients aren’t ready to leave their homes and return to salons. As such, business owners can expect continued interest in at-home and virtual self-care options and may see these offerings permanently added to their service menus.

Here are three ways companies can continue to meet their clients where they’re at, and expand their business in the process:

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At-Home Kits & Online Consultations

Beauty professionals across the country came to their client’s rescue with at-home kits and online consultations. These DIY kits are an easy solution for business owners who have clients that aren’t yet comfortable with in-person appointments, as it allows them to participate in self-care rituals from the comfort of their own home. Rather than blindly trusting drugstore box-dyes, at-home dye kits allow clients to dye their hair at home using a custom formulation put together by their stylist (and prevent an unfortunate hair scare). Many hair salons also offer virtual assistance to ensure proper application. 

Spas, such as Muskoka Beauty in Bracebridge, Ontario, followed suit by offering at-home facial kits, including a virtual skincare consultation, professional-grade skincare products, and detailed instructions. If you have or are planning to sell at-home kits to your clients, be sure to double-check that you have a product liability insurance policy. A product liability insurance policy will protect you from lawsuits or claims alleging injuries (e.g., burns) or property damage caused by the products you sell.

Online Subscriptions & Memberships

The membership model isn’t new. Chains such as Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa have been operating on a subscription model for years. Business owners who also rely on membership fees for income may be wondering what to do to prevent cancellations during the lockdown. 

Many beauty professionals have switched to offering digital content for members, such as makeup tutorials masterclasses, for clients to access through their membership portals. Another lockdown remedy has been the introduction of monthly subscription boxes, which often include travel-sized product samples for clients to try out. The subscription and membership model allows business owners to engage with their clients and provide value from a distance.


If you hadn’t done so already, the chances are that when COVID hit, you moved your inventory online. As beauty professionals adapted to conducting business digitally, clients were challenged to shop online – some for the very first time. As expected, e-commerce skyrocketed, and it is likely consumers will continue to shop online long after the pandemic is over. Now, we see consumer behavior going full circle. While the advent of online shopping took consumers away from local companies, the pandemic has highlighted the need to return to small businesses.  

If you haven’t already considered selling your products online, E-commerce support features are available through most website building platforms, such as Shopify and Squarespace. We’ve got an article on supporting your business virtually, which you can check out here! Remember, if you are now selling your inventory, you will want to protect your business with product liability insurance to prevent lawsuits from threatening your business.

As we experience life during COVID, we will continue to see Canadians’ relationship with beauty evolve and change. The pandemic and changes in consumer behavior have forced beauty professionals to shift their thinking beyond the perimeter of their locations. 

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