As 2022 approaches, scores of Canadians will commit to a new year’s resolution. For many people, that means focusing on their physical wellness goals by getting into shape.

That’s good news for small business gym owners, Pilates and dance studios, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and other fitness training professionals. But it also highlights the need for these small businesses and professionals to ensure they’re adequately covered from the threat of lawsuits or damage claims, whether through a gym insurance, personal trainer insurance, or yoga insurance policy.

Though the latest COVID-19 variant, Omicron, highlights the need to remain vigilant in protecting ourselves and others from the risk of infection, it hasn’t diminished Canadians’ enthusiasm for gyms and fitness centres. Data from IBIS World suggests the Canadian fitness club market ballooned by 1.9% annually since 2016 to be worth $4.4 billion in 2021. Furthermore, adults aged 65 and older comprise one of the largest gym-going demographics. The number of adults in that age bracket who frequent gyms are expected to increase. That represents a significant growth opportunity for small business owners in the industry.

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Meanwhile, according to the non-profit organization ParticipACTION’s 2018 Pulse Report, Canada is home to one fitness club for every 4,002 people. But that report also cites Statistics Canada data that says only 16% of Canadian adults get the recommended amount of physical activity of 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous workouts each week. Thus, despite the high number of gyms and fitness centres nationwide, small business gym owners and personal trainers can capitalize on the opportunity of attracting new customers.

Why Small Business Insurance Is Vital for Gyms and Fitness Centres

All gyms, fitness studios, and physical health professionals face risks that come with the territory. For example, the nature of your business entails customers lifting weights and using heavy equipment, running, and other physical activity, often in tight spaces. As a result, the exposure gyms and fitness centres have in commercial general liability is far-reaching. From the possibility of one of your patrons tripping, falling, and getting injured on your premises to the risk they may injure themselves through the improper use of exercise equipment is always present.

Moreover, the expensive workout equipment at your facility could break down and lead to a prolonged closure, or an electrical or mechanical malfunction of the property’s HVAC or computing systems can derail and disrupt your business.

There’s also the risk of a professional liability lawsuit for personal trainers, dance instructors, or physical therapists if one of your customers suffers harm under your instruction and sues you for bodily injury damage. That risk is also prevalent for gym owners who hire personal trainers to serve their customers should they be accused of wrongdoing or negligence.

What Kind of Fitness Professionals Need Small Business Insurance?

As they map their business goals and objectives for the coming year, a wide range of health and fitness professionals should consider all aspects of risk management, including insurance, to safeguard their equipment, commercial properties, incomes, and reputations from mishaps and unexpected events like a fire or flood. That includes: 

  • Gym and fitness centre owners
  • Yoga studio owners and practitioners
  • Aerobics instructors
  • HIIT instructors
  • Crossfit instructors
  • Fitness coaches
  • Dance studio owners and instructors
  • Personal trainers
  • Pilates instructors
  • Kickboxing coaches

How to Get Gym and Fitness Training Insurance

Navigating the small business insurance landscape can be tricky. You need to understand your business’s risks and the gym insurance coverage you need. 

We’ve simplified the process of getting insured, which is why thousands of gym and fitness centre owners and personal trainers trust Zensurance to get them the custom policies they require. Fill out our online application to get a free quote. Our licensed brokers are experts who do the shopping for you and provide you with the guidance and advice you need to protect your small business and finances.

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