4 Critical Steps to Reducing Your Business Cybersecurity Risk

A good business insurance provider will give you a competitive cyber liability insurance quote.

A great insurance provider will do that, while also helping to reduce your risk exposure. Zensurance wants to help small business owners reduce their risks, and in particular cybersecurity risks.

Read on for 4 tips on how to reduce your cybersecurity risk and run a better company!

1. Do not store any payment information (e.g., credit cards, banking info).

Use third-party payment providers like PayPal, Stripe or WayPay that have built their software with the highest levels of security in mind.

2. Train your employees and reinforce the message constantly

Every employee should know how to secure files and passwords, as well as the most common methods used by hackers. Some basic training will go a long way. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

3. Install the best tools to protect you against viruses, malware, and phishing

Many small businesses try to save money by opting for free or low-cost solutions. The money you save is not worth the risk. Spring for the higher quality solutions, it will pay for itself very quickly.

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4. Use multi-factor authentication to secure your network

This means logging in requires a combination of something you know (i.e., a password), something you have (i.e., a phone) and something you are (i.e., fingerprint).

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