Wedding Planner Insurance

Wedding Planner Insurance

As a wedding planner, you have some of the highest expectations to meet. Protect your business from the unexpected with an insurance policy built around your needs.

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Wedding Event Planner

Insurance for wedding event planner

Wedding planners are responsible for organizing one of the most important days of their clients’ lives. The bride, groom, and their families look to you to create a cherished celebration that won’t be forgotten for decades to come. But with that level of responsibility and the huge expectations that land on your shoulders, it can be tough for even the most tenured planner.

To do your job efficiently, you’ll need peace of mind that if something goes awry, you’ve got a plan to make things better (after all, planning is what you’re best at!) We’ve answered your top questions about wedding planner insurance below.

Wedding planner insurance combines various policies that provide comprehensive coverage for wedding planners. Wedding planner insurance covers risks such as professional liability and damage or loss to third-party property.

Wedding planner insurance offers coverage against a wide range of risks that wedding planners may face in planning and executing each wedding. Wedding planner insurance will typically include the following coverages:

  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: CGL insurance protects you from various day-to-day risks you can be liable for when running a business. For instance, you can be legally responsible if a third party is injured or their property is damaged due to your business’s actions. In the event of a wedding planner, say a guest gets their shoe caught in a decorative rug you placed as part of a photo booth display, and they trip over onto the marble floor, injuring their wrist. They blame your setup and hold you responsible for their medical bills. CGL insurance could provide coverage to protect you financially.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Sometimes known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, this insurance can protect you financially against claims from clients alleging a mistake in your service through factors such as negligence, wrongdoing, or failing to deliver a service as promised. Suppose you mixed up two clients and sent the wedding invites to the wrong guest list. By the time the error was discovered, many of the intended guests couldn’t make it on such short notice. Your client sues you for negligence and accuses you of ruining their wedding day. In this case, professional liability insurance may cover the costs associated with the situation and any potential legal costs.
  • Contents Insurance: If you own certain assets that you use at events, contents insurance can protect you financially against certain risks (like fire or theft) that cause damage or destruction of your property. For example, say you bring your table centrepieces and other select decors to the venue the night before the wedding. When you return the following morning, it’s clear there’s been a break-in, and all of your decor is gone. Contents insurance could cover the costs of replacing the stolen decor.
  • Cyber Insurance: Your employees may hold confidential or personal client data on their devices, making them susceptible to cyber-attacks. Cyber liability insurance provides financial coverage against cybercrime. It can help to recover lost data, inform affected customers, and more. Suppose your computer was affected by a virus that wiped important client information from your system. Cyber liability insurance could help cover the costs of restoring that data and, if necessary, it could inform your clients of the data breach.
  • Legal Expense Insurance: Legal expense insurance gives your business access to financial coverage for legal advice and other legal services, where coverage isn’t provided under another policy. Certain events that can be covered by legal expense insurance are legal action for personal property loss, employee disputes, or bodily injury to an employee.
  • Event Liability Insurance: Weddings and family celebrations are significant events wedding planners specialize in organizing, hosting, and managing to delight their clients. Short-term special event liability insurance is essential coverage for planners and hosts. It extends your general liability insurance coverage to cover third-party bodily injuries and third-party property damages that may occur at the venue where the celebration is hosted. If alcohol will be served at a wedding, you may be liable for injuries and damages caused by an individual who becomes intoxicated at the celebration. Adding host liquor liability insurance to your policy can help address that risk.

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, as do the businesses that help to plan weddings, so there isn’t a fixed dollar value.  To calculate an accurate quote for your wedding planning business, an insurance company takes into consideration the factors that make your business unique, such as:

  • Years of experience
  • Types of services
  • Locations served
  • Annual and projected gross revenue
  • Number of employees

A wedding includes many vendors – all of which should have insurance that protects them against risks that could occur on the big day. Wedding planner insurance specifically caters to the needs of wedding planning companies, independent wedding planners, or wedding coordinators.

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Common claims scenarios

trumpet on the bed

Problem: You book a rock band instead of the sought-after jazz group you were supposed to book after getting two similar band names mixed up. The error is only apparent on the wedding day. Your client is furious and sues you for ruining their big day.

Outcome: Your professional liability insurance may cover your legal expenses and other associated costs.

wedding dress on a hanger

Problem: You pick up the bride’s wedding dress from a boutique and keep it safe overnight in your home before you hand it off to the bride the following day. However, the next morning, the dress is missing, along with several other items. You’ve experienced a break-in overnight.

Outcome: Your commercial property insurance covers the estimated replacement cost of the dress, as it was in your care.

wedding cake out on display

Problem: You accidentally knock over the wedding cake while moving some furniture and it can’t be salvaged.

Outcome: Your commercial general liability may cover the cost of the ruined wedding cake.

Frequently asked questions

Does Zensurance offer one-time special events liability coverage?

No, Zensurance only offers quotes for annual (12-month) insurance policies.

Am I responsible for liquor-related liabilities that may occur during the event?

No, the vendor or host should have liquor liability insurance. This policy provides their bartenders and servers with the liability coverage they need if they’re held responsible for an alcohol-related incident.

Does my event planning insurance cover contractors that I hire? (E.g., caterers, DJs, etc.)

No, only employees (full- or part-time) would be covered under your wedding planner insurance policy. It’s best to ensure any contractors or vendors have insurance before working with them.

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