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Web Developer Insurance

Protect your profession and finances from the liabilities you face with a comprehensive insurance policy tailored to meet your needs.

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Insurance for web developers and designers

You get the big picture. Web designers and developers lay the foundation and make the decisions for designing and launching new websites. You define your clients’ online presence, including their websites’ functionality and navigability.

But with that heady responsibility comes risks. From clients alleging negligence or failing to deliver a service as promised to cybersecurity threats to general liability concerns, you need to protect your profession, reputation, and finances.

Web design liability insurance is a customized policy containing several coverages designed to protect professional web developers and designers from the liabilities they face.

It’s vital protection to have as it provides you with financial security for a broad range of risks. For example, if you’re accused of copyright infringement or if you are a victim of a cyber-attack, a custom web designer insurance policy from Zensurance shields you from the financial or legal perils you face.

Business insurance for web developers and web designers should consider the following coverages:

  • Professional Liability Insurance: From technology-related glitches and accidental oversights to accusations of copyright infringement or missed deadlines, professional liability coverage provides protection for your services and against allegations of negligence, misconduct, and failing to deliver a service as promised.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: As a web designer and developer, you work online where the risk of cyber-attacks, phishing scams, and ransomware attacks are frequent (and criminals are increasingly targeting small, independent businesses). Cyber liability provides you with financial support if you suffer a cyber-attack or data breach. It includes coverage to get legal advice, credit monitoring, payment for the restoration of your software systems, and more.
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: CGL protects you from allegations or lawsuits related to third-party bodily injury or property damage and associated costs. It covers you at your place of business as well as wherever you go as part of your job, such as trade shows or a client’s office. For example, CGL is designed to pay for medical expenses if you visited a client’s office and you spilled hot coffee on them.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: If you rent or own a commercial space or office, commercial property insurance covers the physical structure and your contents (furniture, inventory, electronics) from loss or damage due to fire, flood, natural disasters, theft, or vandalism.
  • Legal Expense Insurance: If you need to hire a lawyer or seek legal counsel whether for a common business issue, to defend yourself in a lawsuit, or sue another person or organization, the costs can quickly run into thousands of dollars. Legal expense insurance, on the other hand, is significantly cheaper. It provides you with the funds to retain an experienced lawyer for a broad range of challenges, including tax protection, employment and contract disputes, and debt recovery.

What your policy may cost depends on several factors pertinent to insurance companies, including:

  • Your location
  • The services you provide
  • Your years of experience
  • Your annual and projected revenue
  • Your insurance claim history

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Common claims scenarios

female web designer working on website

Problem: A client hires you to design a website for a new product they’re launching. You meet the deadline and submit your work, but the client alleges you failed to deliver all the features and functionality that they wanted and decide to sue.

Outcome: Your professional liability insurance may cover your legal costs and damages to the client.

male web developer on laptop

Problem: You inadvertently fall for an email phishing scam by clicking on a malicious link, which embeds malware on your computer that locks you out of it.

Outcome: Your cyber liability insurance may cover the cost to repair and restore your computer and affected software systems.

tech trade show

Problem: While soliciting your services at a trade show, an attendee trips over an extension cord powering your digital display, falls, and fractures a wrist.

Outcome: Your commercial general liability insurance may cover the cost of the injured person’s medical expenses.

Frequently asked questions

Does a web designer insurance policy cover me if I’m sued for copyright infringement?

Provided you have professional liability coverage as part of your overall policy, yes, you are covered for accusations or litigation alleging copyright infringement.

I’m a freelance web developer who mostly works from home. Do I need insurance?

Yes. Freelance web developers and designers should protect themselves with an insurance policy even if they work from home. You still face liability risks such as potential copyright infringement, contract disputes, or errors in your work that may trigger a lawsuit.

How much professional liability coverage do I need for my web designer insurance policy?

Determining how much professional liability coverage to have in your policy depends on the type of work you do and the clients you serve. Typically, most web designers and developers carry $1 million worth of coverage. Have a conversation with a Zensurance broker to discuss whether you need a lower or higher limit.

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