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Tutor Insurance

Tutor insurance is essential for Canadian tutoring businesses, learning pods, or private tutors who provide educational services to clients.

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Insurance for tutoring businesses

Tutors provide a unique and individual way to learn for people of all ages. Their services are rewarding and often even life-changing. They can be the key to helping scholars get the grades they need for their next adventure or the answer to help children improve their academic performance, allowing them to advance into the next school year confidently.

As with any profession, tutors aren’t immune to allegations of wrongdoing or negligence. For a small tutoring business, one malpractice claim can be detrimental to your finances. An insurance policy specifically designed for your business can provide financial protection from those claims like these, among other things.

Tutor insurance is a specialized professional liability insurance policy package to protect the needs of tutors and tutoring businesses. With tutor insurance, your business can be covered for general and specific liability claims, including allegations of wrongdoing or negligence. You can also be covered for other events such as physical damage or loss of your possessions.

Whether you provide services on-site, online, or in an office, having the right tutor insurance for your business is the basis of your risk management program.

A comprehensive policy for your tutoring business should cover the risks you are most likely to face. Here are the most common policies that are included in a tutoring insurance policy.

  • Professional Liability Insurance: Also known as errors and omissions insurance, professional liability insurance protects tutors against lawsuits alleging negligence, misconduct, and failure to deliver a service as promised. If you’re responsible for educating your client and they’re unsatisfied with your service, they can sue you. For example, say you’re preparing a student to take an important exam – you’re confident they’ll pass. Unfortunately, they fail and complain that hardly anything you taught them was in the exam. Their parents allege you didn’t keep up-to-date with the curriculum, which they believe is directly related to their child’s failed grade. This coverage could cover you for legal fees and other related costs.
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: For day-to-day common incidents where you’re found to be liable for bodily injury or third-party property damage, CGL is the policy that’ll most likely have you covered. Suppose you’re meeting with a prospective student for the first time and they hit their head on a low beam in your office space. Their guardian sues you for the costs of their medical bills. In this scenario, CGL could cover the related medical bills.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: Cyber liability insurance is essential to protect your company against the implications of cybercrime, covering the costs associated with cyber-attacks, such as loss of income, notification costs, or data infrastructure repair. If you store confidential client data (think financial information or personal addresses, for example), you’re responsible for safeguarding this data. For example, your clients’ email addresses and personal details are stolen from your hard drive due to a cyber-attack. In this case, cyber liability insurance can cover the cost of recovering the files and informing your clients of the security breach.
  • Legal Expense Insurance: Under specific circumstances, you’re covered for legal expenses under other insurance policies. For certain situations that occur outside of those circumstances (such as personal property damage or employee injury), you can be covered with legal expense insurance. Legal expense insurance provides your organization with access to legal advice and the funds to retain a lawyer.

Tutors can anticipate premiums starting from $400 annually for a professional liability insurance policy with a $1 million limit.  However, every tutoring company is unique, and insurance requirements will vary based on details specific to your business.

With Zensurance, you’ll get access to a variety of quotes with the necessary coverages at great prices. We’ll ask you a few easy-to-answer questions about your business. Here are some of the factors insurance companies take into consideration when determining the cost of your policy:

  • Operation size
  • Location
  • Years of experience in your field
  • Past insurance claims
  • Training and education

Yes, if you provide professional tutoring services independently or you own or work for a tutoring business, you should consider getting insurance. Our products also cover tutors teaching in learning pods and micro-schools.

We’ve insured a variety of tutors that help to educate and mentor adults and children, including:

  • Tutoring company/agency
  • Private home tutors
  • Online tutors
  • ESL teachers
  • Academic coaches

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Common claims scenarios

Tutor with student

Problem: You’re tutoring a child struggling to keep up with his year. You’re confident with a bit of extra tutoring they’ll progress into the next grade. However, the school believes they should still be held back as their knowledge isn’t up to par.

Outcome: The dissatisfied parents sue you, claiming negligence for providing inadequate services. Professional liability insurance may cover the settlement and legal fee expenses.

cyber hacker

Problem: Your tutoring business collects and stores clients’ information to track progress, including personal details and grades. The computer network gets hacked by a cybercriminal, and the personal data is held for ransom.

Outcome: Their cyber insurance policy may cover the cost of notifying clients and subsequent legal expenses.

client injured on stair steps

Problem: After an English tutoring session in your office space, your client falls down the stairs and ends up twisting their knee.

Outcome: As the incident occurred on your business premises, the client can sue, holding you liable for their injuries. Your commercial general liability insurance may cover the legal fees and medical expenses.

Frequently asked questions

What type of insurance coverage does an on-site private tutor need?

Tutors providing services in a client’s home or a learning pod environment require additional coverage to protect themselves against claims or lawsuits alleging negligence or property damage. The most common coverages for tutors working on-site are:


Does tutor insurance cover learning pods?

Yes, tutor insurance provides coverage for tutors offering private/semi-private education in learning pods and micro-schools.


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