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New businesses should get their startup insurance as soon as they can, as it is often a requirement for them to rent office space or get into tradeshows and conferences. Also it provides protection to startups from potentially expensive claims that would otherwise financially cripple them.

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What is Startup Insurance?

Startup insurance protects business owners from expensive claims such as property damage, errors and omissions, or injuries. However, a more common reason why startups get insurance is for growing the business – it is not usually possible to rent office space or book a spot in tradeshows without having liability insurance.


What does Startup Insurance cover?

Startup Insurance is not exactly an insurance type, but a broad term that refers to the different insurance coverage types that a startup would need.

These are the most common policies bundled into startup insurance:​


Who needs Startup Insurance?

Startups who want to grow their business by moving into rented office spaces or booking their participation in tradeshows will need to obtain their startup insurance first. This policy is also highly recommended for startups that provide a service, to protect the business from claims of errors and omissions. Startups that deal with electronic data and cybersecurity threats should also strongly consider insuring their business.


What is the cost of Startup Insurance?

The cost of a Startup Insurance policy will be different for startups in different industries. Other factors that go into determining insurance premiums:

  • Projected revenue
  • Types of insurance policies required
  • Number of employees

It also depends on the nature of your work and the size of your particular business.

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Which professions require Startup Insurance

Regardless of the type of consulting business you run, accountant insurance is critical:

  • Accountants

  • Accounting Firm

  • Advertising

  • Aerial and ground based Photographers / Videographers

  • Alternative Energy

  • Architects & Engineers

  • Business Consultant

  • Consultants

  • Design Firms

  • Financial Advisors

  • Financial Planners

  • Human Resources (HR) Consultant

  • Immigration Consultants

  • Information Technology & Computer Consultants

  • IT Contractor

  • IT Specialist/Technician/Programmer

  • Independent Contractor

  • Product Designers

  • Professionals Liability

  • Management Consultants

  • Project Managers

  • Property Managers

  • Service Organizations

  • Solar & Wind Farm Engineers & Consultants

  • Sub Contractor

  • Surveyors

  • Training Providers/Trainers

  • Web-Site Designers

  • Web Developers

  • Workplace Engineers & Consultants

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