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Speech Language Pathologist Insurance Is a requirement of all SLP’s nationwide. Mandated by various provincial legislation this aspect of you business no longer has to be a hassle. We have spoken with each provincial college

in fact we make SLP professional liability insurance easy and affordable.

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What is Speech & Language Pathologist Insurance?

As a Speech Language Pathologist you open the world for people to communicate. Even with advancements in technology it is more important then ever to be heard. Our professional liability insurance policy for SLP’s covers you from a lawsuit in which someone sues you for not performing that task professionally.

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Our Professional Liability Insurance Includes coverage for some of the following

  • You mis-diagnose a child causing improper medication
  • Your patient does not disclose medication they are on causing poor treatment
  • A client fails to improve during your treatment and sues you for damages

Our Commercial General Liability Insurance Includes coverage for some of the following

  • A parent slips on a toy in the waiting room and hurts themselves
  • During a session a piece of furniture a client is sitting on suddenly collapses
  • A client uses the bathroom and slips on some water on the floor

Contents Coverage Insurance

As an audiologist you utilize expensive equipment in your treatments

  • If a fire damages your equipment we will replace your equipment
  • For your private practice if you experience a downturn in clients from being forced to re-locate
  • We offer coverage from water damage from a pipe bursting
  • If you home practice is damaged in property loss

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Common claims scenarios

Child With Speech Problems

Professional Liability: A young client of yours is not seeing any progress and the parents frusturated with the situation decide to you sue you.

Kid with toy

Commercial General Liability: A child accidentally swallows toy and chokes

Clinical tools

Contents Coverage: Your clinic is destroyed by a fire and all your equipment, tools and furniture is destroyed

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