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Consultant Insurance

What is Social Worker Insurance?

As a social worker you are responsible for so many aspects of your patients lives. It can be like a complex of web of activities that range from basic human interaction to complex legal situations. It can also transcend individual improvements to referrals to medical professions and everything in between. With this wide scope of services comes a wide range of exposures that our policy can protect against.

What does Consultant Insurance cover?

Professional Liabililty Insurance

This coverage defends against lawsuits stemming from your professional negligence or from upset clients.

  • A client starts taking medication without telling you causing you to misdiagnose
  • You fail to make the appropriate referral causing a client to self harm
  • One of you clients commits suicide and their family blames you for the insistence
  • Your testimony at a court trial fails to provide the outcome a family wanted causing a lawsuit
What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

Commercial General Liability Insurance

This covers you from accidents that can physically  happen to your clients while coming or during your sessions and the file a lawsuit

  • A client gets hurt in the waiting room either through a slip and fall or another accident
  • If your practice involves children if they get hurt with a toy in the session
  • While doing a session from your private residence someone slips on your property
What is the cost of Consultant Insurance?

Contents Coverage Insurance

This coverage covers physical damage to your practice and business

  • Covers any furniture you are responsible for
  • Your work space being damage by fire or water causing lost income
  • Your computer is damaged during a fire
  • If you are forced to re-locate your practice and have increased rent

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Common scenarios where Social Worker Insurance is useful:

Social Worker Insurance

A teenage client unbeknownst to anyone goes off her medication causing her to self harm while on your treatment plan

Commercial Insurance for Contractors

An elderly client slips while leaving a session and breaks a bone

Commercial Insurance for Restaurants

You start your own practice and a fire in a neighbouring unit causes intense smoke damage causing you to replace your entire treatment room.

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