Vending Machine Insurance

Vending Machine Insurance

Protect your vending machines, inventory, and business with a comprehensive liability insurance policy for vending machines.

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Insurance for vending machine businesses

Vending machine businesses and independent operators provide vending machines to various locations, such as schools, offices, hospitals, recreation centres, shopping malls, hotels, and other public areas.

They’re stocked with various products, such as snacks, beverages, and other convenience items. These machines typically operate on a self-service basis, allowing customers to purchase items by inserting coins, bills, or credit cards.

Like any business, vending machine businesses face many risks that can impact their operations and financial performance. From malfunctioning machines to product spoilage and theft and vandalism, vending machine operators in Canada need customized insurance to protect their assets and finances.

Liability insurance for vending machine business owners helps protect them from the financial implications of third-party bodily injuries and property damage, equipment breakdowns, and other perils.

Vending machine insurance is a customized insurance policy that covers risks associated with owning and operating vending machines. The specific coverage your business needs can vary depending on the type of policy you require.

A typical vending machine liability insurance policy may include the following coverages:

  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: CGL, or general liability insurance, covers you for third-party bodily injuries and property damage. Often referred to as slip and fall insurance, it shields you from costs associated with accidents or claims of negligence resulting from your business’s regular activities. It includes coverage to pay for damage or loss to others’ property where your machines are located and financial support if facing allegations of defamation or false advertising.
  • Product Liability Insurance: Usually included in a general liability policy, product liability insurance protects you against claims alleging third-party bodily injuries or property damage from any product you manufacture, distribute, or sell, including food and beverages.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance: Equipment breakdown insurance pays to repair or replace your vending machines and other equipment if damaged by internal mechanical failure or electrical malfunction. For example, it covers things like power surges, electrical shorts, or the failure of a mechanical component in your equipment. This coverage extends to your office equipment and electronics, like photocopiers and computers.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Also known as business property insurance, commercial property insurance protects your vending machine business’s office or warehouse, business contents, and inventory or merchandise from damages or losses caused by fire, water, a natural disaster, theft, and vandalism. Commercial property insurance may include business interruption coverage to pay for your overhead costs following an insured loss.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Vending machine operators need business vehicles and trailers to deliver, service, and restock their machines at customer locations. Commercial auto insurance covers your vehicles (vans, pickups, cars, SUVs, trailers) if damaged in a car accident. If your employees use their vehicles for work, you can add hired and non-owned auto protection to your policy to cover their cars.

A basic or standard commercial auto insurance policy offers the same mandatory coverages as a private-passenger car insurance, only with higher coverage limits. You can enhance your commercial auto policy by adding optional coverages such as collision and comprehensive insurance. Be aware that private-passenger car insurance does not cover any vehicle used for business purposes.

  • Cyber Liability Insurance: Cyber liability insurance protects your vending machine business from the financial impacts of cybercrime. It is essential coverage for companies of any size. It covers you for damages resulting from a cyber-attack or data breach that compromises your business’s and customers’ confidential information, including restoring your software systems and paying for credit monitoring, notification fees, legal advice, and sustained losses because of a systems outage due to cyber-attacks.
  • Commercial Crime Insurance: If you have full- or part-time employees, commercial crime insurance covers financial losses due to internal theft, including forgery, embezzlement, fraud, and stolen money or inventory. That includes coverage for the theft of cash if funds go missing while in transit with a delivery person or armoured car provider.

There may be other coverages your business needs, such as contractual liability insurance to protect you from losses related to contracts you sign with your customers. Speak to a Zensurance broker if you have questions about the coverages your business’s vending machine insurance policy should include.

Insurance providers determine the cost of your vending machine insurance policy by considering several factors, including:

  • Your business’s location and size
  • How many employees you have
  • The products and services you provide
  • How many business vehicles you own, and the types of vehicles
  • Your years of experience
  • Annual and projected gross revenue
  • Your insurance claim history

The annual cost of a policy, its coverage limits, exclusions, and deductibles vary between insurers. We can get the maximum coverage you need at the lowest price through our partner network of over 50 insurance providers.

Independent vending machine operators who own and operate vending machines, as well as franchise vending machine operators who operate vending machines as part of a more extensive franchise network, should get business insurance to protect:

  • Coffee vending machines
  • Customized product vending machines
  • Elevator vending machines
  • Food and beverage vending machines
  • Frozen vending machines
  • Gumball and novelty vending machines
  • Ice cream and frozen yogurt vending machines
  • Snack food vending machines

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Common claims scenarios

Warehouse Fire

Problem: A fire in your warehouse inflicts significant damage on the building and several vending machines stored there.

Outcome: Your commercial property insurance may cover the cost of repairing the damage to your warehouse and repairing or replacing the damaged vending machines.

vending machine

Problem: A criminal uses a skimming device to steal customer data from one of your vending machines that accepts credit cards.

Outcome: Your cyber liability insurance may cover the cost of reimbursing your affected customers and provide them with credit monitoring.

commercial vehicle accident

Problem: While driving to a customer’s location to service and restock your vending machines, you get into an auto accident with another motorist.

Outcome: Your commercial auto insurance may cover the cost to the other motorist’s vehicle if you’re at fault for the accident and the loss of use of your vehicle if you’re not at fault or partially at fault.

Frequently asked questions

Does my vending machine business need insurance?

Yes. No small business should operate without insurance, or the implications of one accident or lawsuit could be financially devastating. Vending machine owners and operators face a broad range of risks. Without insurance, you’re on your own to pay for unexpected damages, losses, and accidents.

Will vending machine insurance cover me if my machines are vandalized and the products and money are stolen?

Yes. A vending machine insurance policy that includes commercial property coverage is designed to pay for theft of or from your vending machines and vandalism-related damages to them.

How do I reduce my vending machine business’s risks?

Other than purchasing a customized vending machine insurance policy from Zensurance to protect your assets and reputation, install surveillance cameras and cylinders locks and deadbolts on your machines, purchase machines with explosion-proof double layer glass, place machines in locations with high visibility, collect money from the machines frequently, and ensure your machines are anchored to the ground.

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