Psychotherapist Liability Insurance

Psychotherapist Liability Insurance

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Psychotherapy -Professional Liability

Liability insurance for psychotherapists

Psychotherapists are mental health professionals helping individuals, families, and groups address and manage a variety of emotional, mental, and behavioural issues.

They assess a patient’s mental health status to identify underlying disorders and create personalized treatment plans outlining therapeutic goals through interventions, and help them develop effective stress management techniques. They advise on coping strategies, provide emotional support, and help people recover from traumatic experiences.

However, like any health and wellness professional, psychotherapists face a broad range of potential liability risks that could threaten their finances and careers. A comprehensive liability insurance policy for psychotherapists from Zensurance can help these professionals safeguard their assets and reputations.

Also called malpractice insurance for psychotherapists or psychotherapist professional liability insurance, this type of customized policy features several coverages designed to cover damage to different aspects of the potential liabilities and risks psychotherapists face.

A comprehensive psychotherapist insurance policy may include the following:

  • Professional Liability Insurance: Also called malpractice insurance or errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, professional liability coverage addresses allegations or claims of malpractice, errors, misconduct, and professional negligence because of your professional activities. It includes coverage for your legal defence expenses if sued for damages related to your professional services, treatment plans, accusations of substandard treatment, and failure to monitor or communicate with your patients.
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: CGL, or general liability insurance, covers third-party bodily injury and third-party property damage claims on your business premises or as a result of your operations. For instance, if a patient trips, falls, and is injured in your office, you may be liable for their medical expenses. 
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Commercial property insurance protects your office and office contents (furniture, electronics, office supplies) from damages caused by fire, water, a natural disaster, theft, and vandalism. It may include business interruption insurance to pay for your operational overhead and lost income if you close your office temporarily for repairs following an insurable loss, such as a fire. You can add business interruption coverage to your policy as a rider if it’s not automatically included.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: Cyber liability insurance covers costs associated with cyber breaches. If your website, email and social media accounts, cloud storage, or point-of-sale (POS) system are compromised by a cyber-attack or data breach that exposes confidential patient information, cyber insurance is designed to help you recover quickly. It pays for legal advice, credit monitoring and crisis management expenses, and restoring your software systems that are affected.

Insurance providers offer different premiums for coverage based on several factors about your practice, including:

  • Your location and the value of your property and office contents
  • The types of services you provide
  • Your years of experience
  • Your training and professional certifications
  • The number of employees that work for you (if applicable)
  • Your annual and gross projected revenue
  • Your insurance claim history

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Common claims scenarios

psychotherapist client breach

Problem: A psychotherapist faces a breach of confidentiality claim after accidentally disclosing a patient’s personal information to a third party without consent.

Outcome: Professional liability insurance may cover their legal defence and settlement expenses.

psychotherapy counselling malpractice

Problem: A patient’s family sues a psychotherapist for failing to take appropriate action when their patient expressed suicidal thoughts, resulting in a suicide attempt.

Outcome: Professional liability insurance may cover the psychotherapist’s legal defence expenses and settlement costs.

builders risk protection - flood

Problem: A water pipe inside a wall in a psychotherapist’s office ruptures overnight and floods the office, damaging the walls and floors.

Outcome: Commercial property insurance may pay to repair the damages to the office, and business interruption insurance may cover lost income and operational overhead costs if the office temporarily closes for repairs.

Frequently asked questions

Does psychotherapist insurance include coverage for patient sessions hosted online?

Psychotherapist insurance usually covers online sessions, but it depends on the terms and conditions and exclusions in your policy’s details. A Zensurance broker can advise you on what coverages you should include and highlight its exclusion

Does psychotherapist professional liability insurance cover claims or lawsuits for past incidents?

Most professional liability insurance policies operate on a claims-made basis to cover claims made during an active policy period. Speak to a licensed Zensurance broker if you require coverage for retroactive dates and extended reporting periods for past incidents.

Does commercial property insurance cover a leased or rented office space?

Yes. Commercial property insurance covers unforeseen damages to a leased or rented office and any improvements you make to that office space as a tenant.

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