Dog Trainer Insurance

Dog Trainer Insurance

Customized, low-cost dog trainer liability insurance to safeguard your assets and reputation

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Insurance for dog trainers

Dog trainers teach and modify a dog’s behaviour on behalf of their owners by helping them develop good manners, social skills, and be obedient.

They develop personalized training plans tailored to each type of dog breed and based on their owner’s goals. They facilitate positive interactions between dogs, other animals, and people to help dogs become well-adjusted and confident in various social situations. However, dog trainers face liability risks when working closely with animals, which can threaten their finances and livelihoods.

Insurance for dog trainers covers professionals from risks and liabilities associated with their work if something goes wrong.

Dog trainer liability insurance, or pet training liability insurance, is a customized policy designed to address the potential risks dog trainers face when providing their services.

It provides financial protection for dog trainers if an animal in their care is injured, injures someone else or another animal, or causes property damage. If that happens, a claim or lawsuit may be levied against you, and it could cost you thousands of dollars to pay for out of pocket.

Dogs are intelligent, but working with dogs can be unpredictable, especially if the breeds you’re working with have behavioural problems. Shield your finances and reputation with a tailored, low-cost insurance policy from Zensurance.

A dog training liability insurance policy typically includes the following coverages:

  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: CGL, also called general liability insurance, covers costs of third-party property damage and third-party bodily injuries that happen at your premises or during your regular business activities. For instance, if a dog in your care attacks another animal and injures it, CGL may pay for the injured animal’s veterinarian expenses.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, professional liability insurance covers professional negligence claims, allegations, and lawsuits against you. You may be liable if you make a mistake, neglect to do something, give poor advice or service, or fail to deliver a service as promised, which causes a customer physical or financial harm. Professional liability insurance is designed to pay your legal defence expenses and settlements or judgements against you.
  • Product Liability Insurance: Product liability insurance may be included with general liability coverage. If it isn’t, you can add it to your policy. It covers you for third-party bodily injuries or third-party property damage caused by any product you manufacture, distribute, or sell, including dog food. 
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Commercial property insurance protects your workplace, whether you own, rent, or lease it, and your business contents (office equipment, furniture, electronics). It covers damages caused by fire, water, natural disasters, theft, and vandalism. This coverage may include business interruption insurance to cover your overhead and lost income if your business is forced to temporarily close for repairs following an insurable loss, such as a fire.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: Cyber liability insurance is designed to help you recover from financial losses following a data breach or cyber-attack that compromises your and your customers’ confidential information. You’re susceptible to a cyber-attack if you have a website, use email to correspond with your customers, take online reservations, use cloud storage, and have an online or portable point-of-sale (POS) system. Cyber liability insurance can pay for your software restoration costs, credit monitoring fees for customers, legal advice, and the losses you sustain because of a systems outage following an attack.

Yes. All dog trainers need dog training liability insurance regardless of the services they provide, including:

  • Behavioural dog training
  • Therapy training
  • Tracking training
  • Obedience training
  • Protection training
  • Service training
  • Retrieval skills training

You want the best dog trainer insurance you can find. A customized dog training liability insurance policy from Zensurance is the answer. What a policy’s annual cost is depends on several factors about your services that insurance companies weigh when determining a price, including:

  • Your location
  • The types of dog training services and other services you provide
  • The dog breeds you train
  • The training equipment you use
  • Your years of experience and certifications
  • Your annual and projected revenue
  • Your business insurance claim history

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Common claims scenarios

Liability - Dog Bite Accident

Problem: A canine you’re training in a public park suddenly lashes out and bites a passerby while under your care.

: Commercial general liability insurance may pay for the injured passerby’s medical and rehabilitation expenses.

Poorly trained dog

Problem: One of your customers claims you failed to train their Doberman to correct its behavioural issues adequately. They threaten you with legal action.

: Professional liability insurance may cover a settlement with the angry customer and your legal defence fees if sued.

Sick dog at the vet

Problem: A husky you’re training is progressing, and you reward it with a common dog treat. However, the animal is allergic to the food you fed it and is hospitalized. 

Outcome: Product liability insurance may cover the injured animal’s veterinarian expenses.

Frequently asked questions

Does dog training liability insurance cover training sessions conducted in a public park or at a customer’s home?

Yes. Dog training liability insurance typically covers training sessions conducted in various locations, including public parks, a customer’s home, training facilities, or your place of business. However, you should confirm with a Zensurance broker that your policy allows for this and ensure you comply with local regulations.

Does dog training liability insurance cover trainers for all types of dog breeds?

Some insurers may have restrictions or exclusions for specific dog breeds with a perceived higher risk of aggression or bite incidents. Ask a Zensurance broker about your policy’s exclusions or breed restrictions.

Does dog training liability insurance cover remote or online training sessions?

Coverage for remote or online training services may vary among insurance providers. If you offer virtual dog training sessions, speak to a Zensurance broker to ensure your policy covers virtual training sessions.

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