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Office Insurance

Whether you own an office, lease within a building, or operate from a home office, we can help you get the right insurance coverage for your business.

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From the outside, an office can easily look like many other buildings – quiet, modest and sometimes nondescript. But behind those four walls, a lot is happening. There are accountants, customer service representatives, salespeople, IT technicians, marketing teams, all working together to achieve great things for their business. From fire or theft to client slip-and-falls, it’s essential to have coverage for your business to protect from the realities of the day-to-day risks that can occur in any office space.

Office insurance consists of several commercial insurance policies that protect you against the day-to-day risks of running a business within an office space or even an office at home.  An office insurance policy can be customized to provide the proper coverage for your specific needs, whether it’s protecting physical properties or covering for injury-related liabilities.

Below, we’ve listed the common coverages found within an office insurance package. Please note, due to the variety of business types found behind the doors of an office, not all coverages may be applicable to your business. Alternatively, you may need additional coverages not listed here.

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL):  CGL protects your business against third-party bodily injury or property damage claims that you’re alleged to have caused. An accident can be as simple as a client tripping over a poorly positioned doormat in your reception or accidentally spilling a hot beverage over your client’s new carpet during a sales visit. Commercial General Liability Insurance will typically cover medical fees and legal expenses, and other related costs (such as replacing their carpet) regardless of the lawsuit’s outcome.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Commercial Property Insurance is an important coverage whether you own your office space, lease, or have a home office. With Commercial Property Insurance, you protect your business office contents from insured events such as a fire, theft, or flood. This coverage also often includes business interruption coverage. Business interruption coverage provides reimbursement for income that’s lost following a covered property loss. It can also provide coverage for other expenses such as rent and electricity while your business is closed. For example, say your business office was flooded during a storm – the carpet was destroyed, and affected electricals destroyed your computers. Commercial Property Insurance could cover the cost to replace the computers and carpet. Chances are you had to close up shop for some time for these repairs to take place. Business interruption coverage could cover the costs of running your business during the time you were forced to close.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Although not directly protecting your office, Professional Liability Insurance is an optional but important coverage if you provide advice or offer services in exchange for a fee. It can provide financial coverage against allegations that your services weren’t adequate and, in turn, they directly caused a negative outcome for your client. For example, say you’re a marketing firm creating a product campaign on behalf of a client. Upon delivery, your client alleges that your work isn’t marketing their product correctly and can’t use it. Should they sue you for failing to meet their standards, Professional Liability Insurance could cover the costs of legal fees and any other expenses related to the case.

An office insurance package is built with your business in mind, and it’s difficult to give an exact amount without more information.

To get a clearer picture of how to determine the costs for your office insurance, we consider the following factors:

  • Annual and projected gross revenue
  • Years of experience
  • Services offered
  • Location
  • Number of employees

And, just so you know, you’re in good hands when you compare quotes with Zensurance. We’ve partnered with over fifty insurance providers to offer you a variety of coverage options that’ll suit your business needs.

A comprehensive office insurance policy is critical for any business that works within an office space. There is a wide variety of companies that fit into this category – but here are some typical offices we have covered:

  • Commercial Business Office
  • Dental Office
  • Doctor Office
  • Home Office
  • Law Office

Office insurance packages are designed to protect the specific risks around your business, so rest assured that you can get coverage that’s right for you.

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Common claims scenarios

dental office

Problem: You run a dental office and often have patients sitting in your waiting room. One afternoon, a client gets severely injured by sitting in an unknowingly broken chair when waiting in your reception area.

Outcome: The patient sues you for bodily injury after falling and hurting their back. Your Commercial General Liability Insurance could cover the medical fees and other costs, totalling $15,000.

Financial planner with client

Problem: You’re a financial planner running your business with the help of a small team. One evening, a fire breaks out in the neighbouring building, resulting in your commercial office space suffering from severe smoke damage.

Outcome: Your Commercial Property Insurance could cover the cost to replace the business-related equipment and fixtures that were damaged by the smoke, totalling $45,000.

business meeting with client

Problem: You run a consulting business specializing in helping small businesses grow. A client uses your services for six months, but their business loses value after following your advice. The client sues you for failure to provide an expected standard of service.

Outcome: Your client sues you successfully. Professional Liability Insurance could cover the legal fees and other related costs, totalling $20,000.

Frequently asked questions

Are insurance coverages the same for home office vs. commercial office?

In short, yes – you’d be covered for third-party liability and business-owned property – but you may require less coverage for certain aspects. Some home-based business owners assume their home insurance can protect their business activities. In reality, many homeowner’s policies exclude business-related claims or do not have adequate coverage, so it’s crucial to have business-specific coverage for your home office.

Does my office insurance cover employee injuries?

No, your Office Insurance policy would only cover you for bodily injury to a third party such as a customer. If you run a business in Canada, chances are you’ll need to register your business with your provincial Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) and pay compensation insurance. WCB should cover an employee should they experience a work-related injury or illness.

If I’m renting an office, do I need tenant office insurance?

Yes, it’s essential to have insurance coverage even if you’re renting or leasing an office. In many cases, landlords require tenant office insurance before leasing commercial space to them.

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