Occupational Therapist Insurance

Occupational Therapist Insurance – The college of Occupational Therapy is very regulated and well run organization. Professional liability insurance for occupational therapy is a stringent part of college regulation. Our policy wordings are designed to satisfy all national requirements and provide protection for you.

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What is Occupational Therapist Insurance Coverage?

Occupational Therapist Malpractice Insurance is crucial to the career of every OT nationwide. Due to the principle nature of your career the clients you see are already injured. This exasperates your exposure, because they are receiving treatment elsewhere that can effect your results. Also with an existing injury the possibility of getting hurt during the course of your treatment is much higher thus making the likelihood of you using your insurance policy,

Liability Insurance covers lawsuits stemming from the following situations

  • Your client overextends themselves during a session and causes further damage
  • A client misunderstands your techniques and injures themselves
  • During your interaction with a client they are injured

The possibility of an accident turning into a lawsuit is quite real.

  • An elderly client seeking your slips on your property
  • During a session a piece of equipment breaks while in use.
  • A person trips over a piece of equipment while leaving a session

Contents Coverage Insurance

Because OT’s require equipment and larger spaces contents coverage can come in handy.

  • You experience a fire in the space you work causing all your equipment to be destroyed
  • A sewer backs up causes your business to close for several weeks
  • A car hits the building causing structural work to be done.

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Common scenarios where Occupational Therapist Insurance is useful:

Therapist & Patient

An activity accidentally goes wrong and causes someone to get hurt. Occupational therapy liability insurance may protect you in such a scenario.

Therapist & Client

A client does not communicate their pain during an activity and injures themselves. Occupational therapist malpractice insurance may protect in such a case.

Office Clinic

A pipe bursts over the weekend causing water to come through the ceiling and accumulate for 2 days.

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