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Hotel Insurance

Accommodation and Hotel Insurance protects businesses in the hospitality industry who face many risks due to the services they provide.

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What is Hotel Insurance?

Hotel Insurance is a type of policy that protects hospitality businesses in claims scenarios related to injury or property damage to third parties, cybersecurity threats to client information, alleged breach of duty by directors and officers etc.

What does Hotel Insurance cover?

Hotel Insurance covers many of the common risks that hospitality businesses face:
  • Bodily injury or property damage to guests
  • Hospitality errors and omissions while servicing guests
  • Cybersecurity threats to client’s personal and financial data

Who needs Hotel Insurance?

Businesses in the hospitality industry who should protect themselves with an insurance policy:
  • Hotels
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Resorts
  • Motels
  • Inns

What is the cost of Hotel Insurance?

The cost of Hotel Insurance is a concern for businesses when making a final decision, however, the cost varies depending on a few different factors:
  • Annual revenue and projected revenue
  • Total number of employees
  • Services offered to guests

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Common scenarios where Hotel Insurance is useful:

Commercial Insurance Canada Scenario
A fire breaks out in your hotel, damaging several rooms, all their contents, and guests’ property.
Commercial Insurance for Contractors
A guest slips and injures himself in your hotel’s swimming pool area and files a personal injury claim.
Commercial Insurance for Restaurants
Your hotel’s booking system malfunctions, causing business interruption and affecting your service to guests already booked in.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Hotel Insurance

Is liquor liability an important coverage for my hotel?2019-06-10T15:42:31-04:00

If you serve alcohol, you should consider protecting your business with liquor liability coverage. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, if you serve alcohol you could be held liable for injuries or damages to third parties if alcohol is deemed as a contributing factor in the incidents. Any business that serves alcohol is also responsible for ensuring that customers are not served past the point of intoxication, which is extremely difficult to keep track of, especially in a busy environment.

Is Cyber Liability Insurance necessary for a hotel?2019-06-07T17:28:47-04:00

Cyber liability may not necessarily apply to all hotels, but many hotels and lodging establishments do utilize electronic data that makes them susceptible to cyber attacks. For example, a hotel may have a website where clients make reservations online. The website may also accept electronic payments from customers, and customers’ financial and personal data may be stored in the hotel’s systems. A cybersecurity breach for such an establishment could lead to severe problems if the establishment is not protected by Cyber Liability Insurance.

Do hotels require Property Insurance in addition to General Liability Insurance?2019-06-10T15:44:29-04:00

Yes, hotels may require Property Insurance. General liability insurance covers injuries and property damage to third parties. General liability will protect you in incidents such as slips and falls and damage to guests’ property by your employees, but damage to your own property is not covered. Hotels have a high residential property value and own many expensive contents. If you wish to protect your assets, you may consider adding Commercial Property Insurance to your insurance policy.

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