Drone Insurance

Drone Insurance

Drone liability insurance protects commercial drone operators from third-party risks and unforeseen accidents.

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Insurance for drones

Over the past ten years, drones have gone from being a futuristic gadget featured in movies to a highly attainable device that can be used recreationally or aid a business. Nowadays, drones provide an easy and cost-effective way to perform job tasks like aerial surveillance, filming or photography.

While an increasing number of businesses use drones, there’s a reason we’re not seeing them fly all over the place as if they’re birds in the sky – they can pose a hazard to people and property below their flight path. They can also cause issues for other flying objects such as planes. For now, drones have a relatively small flight radius and are kept within eyesight for safety. But there are still risks – if you’re using a drone for commercial purposes, chances are you need to fly a drone over people or somebody else’s property. You can make every effort to ensure you’re piloting a drone safely, but accidents happen, and they can be costly. Therefore, it’s essential to protect your businesses against the risks that come with using a drone.

It’s also important to note that many insurance policies exclude drone use, so you need to obtain additional liability insurance. The good news is there’s coverage specifically for drone use that you can add to your business insurance policy. Below you’ll find some helpful information on the ins and outs of drone insurance.

What is drone insurance?

Drone insurance is a specialized policy that protects commercial drone operators from third-party liabilities such as property damage or bodily injury, along with equipment coverage protection in the event of theft or damage.

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What does it cover?

Typically a drone insurance policy will include the following coverages:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL):  Also known as Commercial Drone Liability Insurance, CGL protects your business against third-party bodily injury or property damage claims that you’re alleged to have caused. Due to their nature, drones can be responsible for these types of claims should they malfunction and crash into somebody’s property or injure a person. Commercial General Liability Insurance often covers medical fees, legal expenses, and other related costs regardless of the lawsuit’s outcome.
  • Drone Equipment Insurance: Equipment insurance provides financial coverage to repair or replace business-owned drones that get damaged, lost, or stolen. Drones are expensive pieces of equipment. You may rely on a single drone to do your business effectively, and therefore your business would struggle without it. Say you’re using a drone for surveillance purposes, but suddenly a huge gust of wind swirled your drone into a building. Should the drone be damaged, Equipment Insurance may provide financial coverage to repair or replace the drone.

Additional coverage to consider:

  • Professional Liability Insurance: Drones are controlled and programmed by the user, and it requires a professional to finesse a smooth flight. Professional Liability Insurance provides financial coverage against allegations that your drone services caused financial loss due to negligence, errors or failure to deliver. For example, your aerial survey missed capturing a specific area of the land, causing your client to lose operational efficiency. 

How much does it cost?

A Drone Insurance package is built with your business in mind, so there isn’t an exact cost we can share without further information about your business and drone use. Generally, Drone Insurance packages start at $500 a year, with a $1M coverage limit.

When you start a quote with Zensurance, we’ll quickly let you know how much Drone Insurance can be for your business. And we’ll make sure you get a great deal too. We’ve partnered with over fifty insurance providers to offer you a variety of coverage options that’ll suit your business needs.

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Who needs it?

If you use a drone for commercial purposes, you’ll need a comprehensive drone insurance policy. There is a wide variety of businesses that fit into this category – below are some we can cover:

Unfortunately, we cannot provide coverage for personal or recreational drones, or drones used for delivery.

Common claims scenarios

Frequently asked questions

What types of drones can you cover?

We can provide coverage for commercial drones used for things like photography, video or inspection purposes. Unfortunately, we can not cover personal or recreational drones or drones used for delivery or cargo.

Does my drone liability insurance cover all of the areas that I fly?

Your drone liability insurance coverage will not cover all locations due to the risks involved. Be sure to specify the areas you’ll require coverage with your broker to ensure you’re covered adequately.

Do I need separate liability insurance for my drone?

Yes, most Commercial General Liability policies exclude aircraft/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) like drones, so that you will need Drone Liability Insurance as additional coverage for your business.

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