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HR Consultant Insurance

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Human Resource Consultant

Insurance for HR consultants

Human resources (HR) consultants provide many services to help improve a company’s culture and manage employee relations. These professionals are relied upon to enhance and solve an organization’s HR-related goals and challenges.

HR consultants assist small businesses that don’t have internal HR teams or larger companies lacking the expertise to tackle new initiatives, such as introducing a new employee-focused health and wellness benefits program. They are also sought to assist organizations in offering an objective perspective on critical projects an employer needs to address.

But HR consultants can be held liable for their advice and services. An HR consultant insurance policy is designed to shield these professionals from the risks they face.

HR consultant insurance is a type of professional liability insurance designed to protect HR consultants and their clients from financial losses due to errors, omissions, or negligence in the performance of HR consulting services.

As an HR consultant, you may provide various services to businesses and organizations, including advice on employment law, recruitment and retention strategies, conflict management support, employee handbook development, employee performance evaluations, and creating and implementing compensation plans and employment guidelines.

HR consultant insurance typically covers claims such as wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, plus the threat of unexpected accidents and damages or losses to your property and others’ property. It may also cover claims related to wage and hour disputes, confidentiality breaches, and other employment-related issues.

HR consultant insurance can also enhance the credibility and reputation of HR consultants, leading to increased business opportunities and higher revenue.

A comprehensive HR consultant policy may include the following types of coverage:

  • Professional Liability Insurance: Also called errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, professional liability insurance covers you for the services and advice you provide to your clients. If facing an allegation or claim of negligence, misrepresentation, mistakes, misconduct, and failure to deliver a service as promised, this type of insurance is designed to provide you with financial support to deal with those situations.
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: CGL, or general liability insurance, covers the cost of third-party bodily injuries or property damage resulting from your daily activities. It can pay for an injured person’s medical expenses, damages or losses to their property, and cover your legal expenses if sued. CGL also protects you from defamation and false advertising allegations.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: If you own, rent, or lease an office space, commercial property insurance covers damages and losses to that workspace caused by fire, water damage, a natural disaster, theft, and vandalism. It includes coverage for your business contents, such as furniture, office equipment, and computing systems. You can add business interruption coverage to this type of insurance to cover your overhead costs and lost income following an insurable event.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: Any independent consultant or small business faces the threat of damage or loss because of a data breach or cyber-attack. Cyber liability insurance is designed to help pay for those damages, including repairing and restoring your computing systems, crisis management services, credit monitoring, and legal advice if you’re at risk of being sued.

Insurance providers determine the cost of an HR consultant insurance policy based on several factors unique to you, including:

  • Your location
  • The types of consulting services you provide
  • How many clients you have
  • Your years of experience, certification, and education
  • The number of employees you have (if applicable)
  • Your insurance claims history
  • What your annual and projected gross revenue is

Although HR consultant insurance premiums vary by insurance provider and are influenced by the coverages you choose, a typical professional liability policy with up to a $1 million coverage limit costs approximately $450 per year.

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Common claims scenarios

job interview

Problem: A candidate you recommend a client hires to lead a business division causes significant financial losses through their actions. It’s discovered the candidate triggered similar losses at a former employer. Your client sues you for negligence.

Outcome: Your professional liability insurance may pay your legal defence fees and any out-of-court or court-ordered settlement.

laptop left in the office

Problem: Overnight, your office is broken into, vandalized, and your laptop is stolen.

Outcome: Commercial property insurance may cover the costs to repair the damages to your office and replace your stolen laptop.

phishing scam

Problem: You inadvertently fall for an email phishing scam that results in a client’s sensitive data being stolen, including their employees’ social insurance numbers and other personal details. They threaten you with legal action.

Outcome: Your cyber liability insurance may cover the cost to repair your computer’s software, provide credit monitoring to the affected employees, and cover your legal defence expenses.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between occurrence-based and claims-made policies for HR consultant insurance?

Occurrence-based HR consultant insurance policies provide coverage for claims arising from incidents during the policy period, regardless of when the claim is filed. In contrast, claims-made policies cover claims reported during the policy period, irrespective of when the incident occurred. Occurrence-based policies are generally more expensive than claims-made policies but offer broader coverage and greater certainty of protection, even if a claim is made years after the policy has expired.

Can I purchase HR consultant insurance online, or do I need to work with an insurance broker?

The choice is yours. Zensurance makes it quick and easy to get a free quote for your HR consultant insurance needs from a wide range of insurance companies. You can build and purchase the policy you need online in just a few clicks. However, we also have a team of experienced, licensed business insurance brokers who can lend perspective and provide guidance advice after you apply for coverage. Our brokers will tailor your policy to adequately address your risks and ensure you’re neither underinsured nor overinsured.

What should I look for from an insurance brokerage when buying HR consultant insurance

Consider factors such as the brokerage’s financial strength and stability, its claims handling reputation, its existing customers’ Google Reviews of its services, the ability to provide a broad range of options for your coverage needs, and the customization to your policy and advice the firm’s brokers offer.

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