Each month, we’ll be featuring small business success stories in our Small Business Spotlight. This month, Beatriz Zanatelli, Co-Founder of Lightouch Technologies walks us through her start-up journey, adapting in the time of COVID, and why insuring her business was the right move. 

Meet Beatriz Zanatelli, Co-Founder of Lightouch Technologies Inc. and Commercial Business Manager at E-Create.

Lightouch Technologies is an EdTech in the creative industry segment designed to help parents and educators empower children to thrive and succeed in life by building their emotional intelligence and strengthening their soft skills.

Why did you start E-Create & Lightouch Technologies Inc.?

E-Create is a 15-year-old Brazilian company that has a very strong educational mission. While working with them, the idea of creating Lightouch came up and all of the beliefs we carry on how we can use technology to empower children with social-emotional education.

What is your advice for anyone looking to start a small business?

Beatriz Zanatelli - Co-Founder of Lightouch Technologies

Persistence. Know where you want to go and never give up! Knowing the direction is more important than the speed you travel. 

What has been the biggest impact on your business during Corona?

Since we are a tech company that focuses on education, we’ve had a positive outcome with this scenario. Both companies have this educational approach and all of our products are online, so it hasn’t impacted us in a negative way.

What has been the most rewarding part of starting your own business?

I would definitely point out the ability to reach your full potential. Also, being able to work on something you love can contribute to society and make a difference.

Why was insurance important for your small business?

We are a company that despite being innovative in many aspects, we like to work in a safe way protecting everyone involved in our business. Insuring it is one of the best and more traditional ways of doing it. 

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