From British Columbia to Newfoundland, Zensurance makes business insurance an easy process for Canadian entrepreneurs.


After almost 3 years of diligently building the most advanced business insurance platform in Canada, we received all the necessary regulatory approvals to operate in 9 Canadian provinces.

The journey started with our first license in Ontario back in 2016, steadily adding province after province. Alberta and  British Columbia were added in 2017. Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia were added in 2018 and in just the first 3 months of 2019, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland completed our latest efforts.


Zensurance brings the most advanced technology to the commercial insurance industry

By re-designing the entire business insurance value chain, Zensurance eliminates the traditional hassles associated with commercial insurance: endless delays, fax machines, phone-tag, and cheque payments. Many other industries have found ways to allow simple, online transactions, but the commercial insurance industry was still stuck in the 1950s until Zensurance came around.

The Zensurance experience is all about speed, ease of use, competitive rates, transparency and amazing client support. Delivering on these 5 pillars is what has allowed us to grow at triple-digit figures year over year (and some times double-digit growth week over week!!)

“Zensurance eliminates the traditional hassles associated with commercial insurance”

Old vs. Modern Commercial Insurance Process


This has earned us a spot as one of Toronto’s technology darlings and Canada’s fastest growing commercial insurance provider among many other accolades . We couldn’t be prouder about these achievements.

Our small business clients are just loving the experience!

By taking a quick read at our Google reviews you’ll see what we mean by “industry-leading client experience”.

A common theme in the feedback we receive from clients is their satisfaction with the ease of use, the speed and the professional support they received.

Taylor Klick

“Zensurance’s prices are incomparable to others on the market! They have cut my costs in half for insurance and have some of the best plans. Would recommend to anyone!”


Taylor Klick, CEO, ivvi
Zensurance Review 1

“I was frustrated with my existing broker trying to get E&O insurance. They did not understand what I did nor could they explain the policy to me. I contacted Zen insurance after seeing them on the website. It was very quick, completely painless and Lucas Jackson was able to answer all of the questions I had in a quick five minute call. Such a relief. This company really practices what it preaches when it comes to great customer service… ”


Kerry McGrail, Consultant
Zensurance Reviews 2

“Amazing insurance experience! Who would have guessed that an insurance company would go the extra mile? Zensurance definitely does – they helped me out of a bind and were happy to do it. Would definitely recommend.”


Elize Shirdel, Founder, HELM App

Technology is at the heart of our success

For a small business owner to be able to purchase insurance in under 20 minutes requires a top performing team of programmers, developers and UX experts.

“One of our main differentiators is that we are a high tech company as much as we are an insurance company.”

Unlike most commercial insurance companies or brokerages, we have an in-house technology team that allows us to continuously improve and upgrade our platform, sometimes several times a day. This definitely gives us an edge that would take most competitors many years to rival.

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Ready To Start? Let’s Get a Quote!

Getting a business insurance quote shouldn’t be complicated!

At Zensurance we simplify the process of getting commercial insurance so that you get the coverage you need, quick and easy!

Our friendly support team is always ready to answer questions, we’re just a click or a phone call away.

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