Architect Insurance

Architect Insurance

Architect Insurance protects architects against the risks and errors associated with the services they offer.

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What is Architect Insurance?

Architect Insurance covers architects in common claims scenarios. Due to the nature of their profession, architects face several risks, such as property damage, client injuries, missed deadlines, busted budgets and errors in planning/design.
Architect insurance requirements

What Type of Insurance Do Architects Need?

The requirements for a comprehensive Architect Insurance policy should cover:
Do Architects Need Insurance?

Do Architects Need Insurance?

Architect Insurance is highly recommended for architects of all types or anyone who is involved in the planning and design of buildings.
  • Residential Architects
  • Restoration Architects
  • Commercial Architects
  • Landscape Architects
Architect insurance costs

What is the cost of Architect Insurance?

One of the main concerns for architects when purchasing insurance is cost, which varies according to a few factors, such as:

  • Years of trade experience
  • Annual revenue
  • Number of employees

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Common scenarios where Architect Insurance is useful

insurance for designing residential building

When designing a new residential building, you approve a product substitution to be used on exterior features. Unfortunately, the final product does not hold up in inclement weather and the building owner files a claim.

Insurance for rooftop garden installer

The designs you submitted for a rooftop installation are deemed faulty after construction has begun the developer sues you for negligence.

architect insurance for construction site

You are required to submit designs for an office building within a determined timeframe but you miss the deadline, prompting the developer to file a lawsuit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Architect Insurance

What coverages should architects have in their insurance policy?

The most basic policy recommended for any business is General Liability. It protects a business from claims of bodily injury or property damage to a third-party. For Architects, it is also recommended to add Errors and Omissions coverage to their insurance policy. Errors and Omissions Insurance, also known as Professional Liability Insurance, covers errors and omissions in your services to clients that lead to financial losses for them. If you own a lot of expensive property, also add Commercial Property Insurance to your policy to protect your contents and assets.

Is Architect Insurance mandatory for architects before signing contracts?

Architect Insurance is not required by law, but it is difficult to land any sizeable project without having an insurance policy in place. If there is an error in a project designed by you, it can become extremely costly if the error is discovered once construction is underway. For this reason, project managers and builders are usually very careful about only working with architects who already have Architect Insurance.

Can an architect be liable for projects completed in the past?

Yes. Design errors in a project can be discovered years after the project is completed, and if you are the architect who designed the project, approved the design, or agreed to the substitution of products that turned out to be faulty, you will be held liable for damages, even if you have retired or changed professions.

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