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Dietitian Insurance – As a dietitian in Canada each province mandates that you hold professional liability. Zensurance’s Liability Insurance provides a healthy insurance alternative to dietitians nationwide.

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What is Dietitian Insurance?

Dietitian insurance for only $100 a year, No membership fee required! Our policy meets college requirements and is very broad in terms coverage. At Zensurance we understand that Dieticians are busy professionals so we have worked very hard to get you affordable coverage available on an easy to use, digital platform.

Who needs dietitian insurance?

Registered Dietitians are health practitioners and thus, whether they work as employees, contractors, or run their own practice, they must be covered by dietitian liability insurance whenever or wherever they are practicing. Even if your employer provides insurance, if you choose to provide any self-employed services at all, or volunteer services, it is important to make sure that you as a health practitioner have your own liability insurance.


What does dietitian liability insurance cover?

Whether you are a clinical dietitian, sports dietitian or pediatric dietitian, our college-approved dietitian insurance may provide coverage for the most important risks that dietitians face when on duty. It includes professional liability insurance for dietitians, which may provide protection in the event that errors or omissions in your service lead to some form of harm for your clients. If required you choose to add additional coverage for commercial general liability, patient abuse, legal expense, penal defense, etc.


How much does professional liability insurance for dietitians cost?

The cost of your dietitian insurance coverage will vary based on a few different factors, such as, how long you have been a registered health practitioner for, do you provide any additional healthcare services, do you provide services over the internet and general questions about your business, such as annual revenue.

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Common scenarios where Professional Liability Insurance is useful:

Allergic reaction

A patient does not disclose an allergic reaction causing you to mismanage their diet leading to serious illness

Client slip and fall

You decide to you to open your practice at home and during a client visit they trip on your front step

Clinic Fire

The clinic space that you are working suffers a fire and is destroyed for 12 months causing you to lose your clients and income.

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